Friday, June 28, 2013

Mr Zurik's scent precedes him!

And so we were talking about cats taking over the world?

Well, yes, on one extreme, we have conquerors like Mr Quack who can be likened to Atilla the Hun or Genghis Khan. Then, we have the diplomatic types (but make no mistake, they are as effective in their conquest of the world) like Mr Zurik who are smart negotiators who know when we act tough and when to be really nice and accomodating...

mini-CIMG6760 mini-CIMG6761

Mr Zurik at breakfast this morning.

He has already figured out that he cannot escape (for now), so he's very much settled down.

And on the other extreme, we have scaredy cats like...



For some reason, he was too scared to eat his food this morning despite being served across the road.

It also took a long time to call him out.

Now, who is he scared of now, with Mr Zurik already caged up?

Surely it's not the shrews?

And oh, by the way, I haven't seen any shrew lately....and that's quite scary.

Willy sniffed the bowl and appeared to be very scared.

But why?


Rosie was under the car, but very far away. I'm sure he doesn't find Rosie a threat?


I changed places 5 times, placing the bowl further and further away from my house.

Willy followed, obviously hungry, but simply was too scared to eat.

Who or what was he afraid of?


Timmy wanted to come over to help.

You've got trouble eating? Call Timmy!


Happiness is....being able to eat.


Not eating?

Are you hungry or not, Willy?

'Coz I'm going to be late for work if this goes on...


Sniff, sniff...(but still not eating).

A brainwave occurred to me...could it be that Mr Zurik had used this bowl yesterday and his scent is there??


So I brought out another bowl and poured the food into it.

Willy sniffed at the food, but still refused to eat.


So, this time, I went in, brought out another bowl, and changed the food as well!



mini-CIMG6773Finally...Willy ate!

Wow...Mr Zurik, your scent certainly precedes you!

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