Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Of cat politics and taking opportunity of the winds of change

Ever since Cow retired as the alpha of Bunny's Place, Indy took over and now rules with an iron fist (and a Spider-Cat mask to boot). If you think Cow was cranky, Indy is worse. Our private joke is that Indy gets high on "drugs" so you won't know what he would do next. That also explains all his Spider-Cat feats as well as the crazy look in his eyes...all the time. He's on a high....


The successor still occasionally consults the Senior Minister for advice and guidance.


Senior Minister is bored?


The conference continues...

But this not only happens at Bunny's Place, it happens elsewhere too...



Here...at the patio.

You mean there is a hierarchy problem here as well?


Ever since Vincent Starr was injured, someone grabbed the opportunity and tried to take over as the new alpha at the patio.

Oh no....who???


Three guesses....

A.  Rosie
B.  Ginger
C.  Mr G

Nope, all wrong!

Then, WHO???


This guy....



Yes, good old happy-go-lucky Timmy Tum Tums was seen bullying Daffodil all morning until the poor girl had to come into the house to seek refuge.

I had to lock Timmy out and keep Daffodil inside the house.

He actually attacked Daffodil. No biting and no cat-fight, thank goodness. Just a confrontation and some aggression.

Don't believe, eh?

It's true.

Never underestimate a happy-go-lucky-roll-on-back-for-a-tummy-massage guy, folks.

Never judge a book by its cover.

Timmy the Terrible???


Who are you calling "terrible"? 


Vincent, you had better get well soon and reclaim your alpha status!
(Or you might lose it forever....to TIMMY!)



Chen said...

Timmy insisted telepathically, as he stared at the cat in front of him, "Go away or else I'll pounce and squash you to death." And he rolled on the floor to show off his heavy gigantic round abdomen.

chankahyein said...


Jasmine said...

Oh my! Timmy is getting so round and really FAT!!! Life is a song in your home, with plenty of good food at his disposal :) Fyi, my colleague's obese cat died of heart attack recently because he just ate and ate and lazed around all day! Timmy needs to go on the treadmill :)

Anyway thank you Sis Kah Yein, your cat tales at home are really entertaining reads :) I was like :D hahahaha ....

chankahyein said...

I really must take Timmy to the vet for a check-up because he only eats twice a day, unlike the Bunny-people who demand for snacks all the time! Timmy has been dewormed and doesn't eat that much but he looks bloated. Thanks for the reminder.

Jasmine said...

In all fairness, my cat-lover colleague told me that her neutered and obese 6 year old cat Cupcake collapsed and died of heart attack at home recently because :-

1) She pampered him with lots of good food because he loved to eat.

2) He does not move around much or get any exercise because he stayed indoors in her apartment all the time.

He was a very affectionate, adorable cat and snuggled next to her on the bed every night while she slept. When she's awake, he would follow her around the house. She cried for many days after that! :(

At present, she still has another 2 fat and very cute cats at home with her! She actually picked up these 3 cats when they were just newborn kittens. They were thrown out by her neighbour when the stray mother cat gave birth in his compound.

I passed her your books 'Pawprints On My Heart', Indy Jones & the 4 Pillars of Kindess' and 'See You at Rainbow Bridge'. She told me she was very touched and cried a lot after reading them. Btw, I cried when I read your books too.

chankahyein said...

Thanks for sharing, Sis. Well, Timmy runs around quite a bit. Just now, he was playing catch with "no one in particular", just running up and down the patio while Daffodil watched him from her chair and he can also still climb a tree, so I'm hoping he is just a pot-bellied cat (like some humans are). I only feed him twice a day unlike the inside cats who demand for snacks as and when they like (even then, it's just a few kibbles at a time - just to stop their racket). Thanks for sharing my books with your colleague. I hope the "crying" brings forth more compassion for the animal kingdom. If so, the books have achieved their intentions. Thank you!