Wednesday, June 12, 2013

"Crown Court" at Bunny's Place

One of my favourite tv shows when I was growing up was "Crown Court". It was a fictional British tv series on legal proceedings in the English court which was shown on our tv in the 70s.

Well, we seemed to have our own version of "Crown Court" today, at Bunny's Place.

WHO was on trial??

Well, you need some background on this first.

For the past few days, Tiger had been the victim of bully tantamount to abuse.

By whom?

Who else?


The Bunnyphant was the chief perpetrator...


Supported by Cow (or so we think).

It was so bad that Tiger had to be let out, and poor Tiger was so scared, he even made an escape to the roof yesterday, which definitely caused a panic. But we got him safely back through the window.


So you can imagine how bad the situation was.


This is Tiger's safe place whenever he comes out into the living room. He just wants to have a nap here, in this corner, undisturbed and un-bullied by any other cat.


The two bully-brothers hounded and stalked him, just waiting on pounce on him when he came back into the room.


This is called "perseverance", isn't it?

Well, the bullying did not stop.

This afternoon there were several catfights in Bunny's Place and what do you know, the two brothers were fighting among themselves! Today, Tiger has been spared.

Well, as they say, "Crime doesn't pay", does it?

The two bullies turned against each other and finally....who won?

We guess Cow did because Bunny was "put on trial"....


The scene at the feline "Crown Court".

Indy was the judge.

Cow the prosecutor, and Cleo the defence attorney?

Anyway, what was the verdict?


Apparently, Tiger decided not to press charges.

Nelson Mandela would have been proud of his protege.

"...the two roads are Goodness and Forgiveness."


To the utter relief of Cleo!

And all is well at Bunny's Place again.


Me see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil!

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