Saturday, June 15, 2013

Zurik, a new bully on the block

Three days ago, I spotted a new kid on the block when I was feeding Willy.


Hey, I recognise you!

You're the cat down the road who chased Rosie some weeks back.


Willy was terrified of this new cat.


Poor Willy didn't dare come eat at all.


Poor little Willy-O.


Rosie and Daffodil came to help. To see if they could initiate some peace talks.


We decided to play the gracious host and offered the new guest some food.

He was cautious and didn't dare approach the food (though it was all finished later on).


Finally our Stormtrooper, Vincent Valentino Starr showed up and I had to put the bowl of food inside the drain for poor Willy.


I'll help guard Willy.


Perhaps Rosie sees a common enemy here, right? After all, this cat chased Rosie a few weeks ago from down the road.


Don't anyone mess with our Stormtrooper here.

Now, I think Vincent could have got the injury fighting with this new cat.


But we will never know. Vincent finishes his antibiotics tomorrow morning.


At least Willy could eat in peace. Poor little guy.


We often take things for granted when we see happy cats.

It was a great blessing that Timmy earned his place at the patio and so did Vincent. After Vincent, no one was allowed in anymore because Vincent is territorial. And of course, we must not forget to thank Mr G for allowing Daffodil and her children to join the patio. After all, Mr G owned this entire house and its compound before we moved in, so rightfully, by cat laws, we (the humans) should also thank him.


Ginger, the most mild-mannered of the Patio Family.

So, for the last four days, I have been shooing the new cat away so that Willy can have a decent meal.

The new cat comes every morning and is very aggressive.


That's him this morning.

I thought I should name him so several names appeared in my mind instantly: Kublai, Genghis, Uzbek, etc. but I thought I should not reinforce his aggressive nature by giving him such names, right? So, I've decided to call him 'Zurik", named after the city, Zurich, in Switzerland where many peace talks have been held.



Poor Willy had to be fed down the road over at the playground because he was just too fearful of Zurik.

I'm just thinking that if only Cow, Bunny and Indy were unleashed, we wouldn't have this problem of new cats coming in. These three are super-territorial. Way back in our old neighbourhood, they were free roaming and they controlled the entire street. No other cat dared to come into their territory. They even controlled the back alley, but sometimes came home with battlescars. Bunny had his own side alley, he would sleep there for hours and no other cat even dared to take one step in.

Those were the days...

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