Thursday, June 27, 2013

Timmy starts his diet

I woke up early today. I felt like something was amiss...there was no sound of cat aggression!

Last night, I could not find the shrews anywhere. They did not come...sobs.

And as you would have seen what Joy had captured from her satellite dish, the shrews spent the night planning a counter attack on me....sobs. That is why I could not find them anywhere.

Anyway, I got up and served breakfast at the pantry for Bunny & Friends. Bunny and everyone do not each much these days. So I don't think it is necessary to use the 20% diet plan on them yet. Maybe 10% first.

But Timmy....yes, Timmy has to start today itself. I remember the vet saying that all pet owners should take obesity very seriously. He told me about several pets ending up dead because of obesity because the owners refused to listen to advice and insisted that their pets remain "well-fed" and chubby.  If we don't know about it, we can plead ignorance, but since we have already been told and if we still refuse to heed the advice of the professionals, we only have ourselves to blame...and can we live with that guilt?


Everyone was waiting for breakfast, including Mr G.


Normally, after scooping each bowl and making sure everyone has his or her share, I will head outside to feed Willy.

But today, I thought I should stay back to ensure that Timmy doesn't go stealing the other cats' food.

Now...that turned out to be a harder task than expected...


He just eats two mouthfuls from his own bowl, then he starts looking around.


And goes for another bowl.


Two mouthfuls from this second bowl, and off he heads to another bowl.

And everyone else is polite, so they give way to him.


But today I was monitoring, so played the bad guy by stopping him.

And believe me, it isn't easy.


That's stopping Timmy from attacking 5 bowls of food, without the help of any of the cats because they willingly give way to him! I finally allowed to poor fellow to lick just one bowl, and it's only remnants. Of course I could lock him inside the cage and let him dine alone though that would be quite pitiful. But it looks like that would save me a lot of trouble every morning and evening since he is so persistent!


Willy ate peacefully this morning.

He was waiting at his breakfast spot.


No signs of the shrews.

Shh....I came out earlier than usual and managed to give them the slip.


Anyway, I came out armed with a big jar of kibbles to pacify them in case they showed up.


Vincent was either protecting Willy OR trying to intimidate him, so I had to shoo Vincent away. Willy was already so scared.


Finally, I had to hold on to Vincent so that Willy could finish his food.

Willy gets 1 1/2 helpings because he is so thin. I think he is also quite young so the neutering can wait.


Meanwhile, Timmy is still hungry....!!


Joy E. Saga said...

How about keeping some chicken broth on standby. Timmy can have that as low-caloried 'snack'. Tasty and will make him full (I hope!)

chankahyein said...

You mean homemade chicken soup?

Chen said...

Poor Timmy Thin Thin :D Hold on there. This is for your own good!

Joy E. Saga said...

Yes, homemade chicken soup. I noticed if my cats eat my cooked chicken or fish, they drink the soup first, then go away. After that only they eat the meat. So they fill up coz of the soup :)

chankahyein said...

Hmm...thanks for the suggestion!

Eleda said...

Your neighborhood cats are unusually fat! Lol.

Chen said...

Saw this video of a cat trained to ring the service bell to get his treats. Was thinking what will happen of Timmy learns to do this trick too, hehehe.