Monday, June 24, 2013

Jojo's Feeding Station beckons.....Mr Z!

Exhausted after Pet World (but I think it's more due to the haze), I was up late this morning. Was also terribly relieved that the college is closed today (due to the haze). I certainly need the day off.

But I was also awakened by the sound of terrible cat aggression outside.

It was Vincent standing off against Mr Zurik.

No fighting, just growling. Now, that's a relief. At least I won't have to deal with any cat injury...on either side.

By the way, there was a small sign of Willy getting a bit confident as he was seen on the pillar yesterday evening. On top of the pillar, at the sentry post! Willy!! And Vincent, Ginger, Rosie were all with him. I hope in time, little Willy will gain some confidence.

Anyway, back to today, my husband went downstairs and fed everyone kibbles.

By the time I came down and saw husband and son off to work, Mr Zurik was already seated very nonchalantly at the dustbin platform, minding his own business, and he looked quite happy and satisfied.

When I was away at Pet World, my husband had been feeding all the cats dinner, and Mr Zurik had generous helpings of food. Husband insists that Mr Z is "very thin". Well yes, if your yardstick is the likes of Timmy, Bunny, Tiger, etc.  Then yes, Mr Z is "very thin".

After everyone had gone off, I decided to try my luck (at catching Mr Z!).


I set up the new carrier.

There's a bowl of tasty Monge inside. See the raffia string? Since this carrier is new, the door swings very well.

But Mr Zurik was nowhere to be seen. Never mind. I'm only testing it.


Shh...(on the string...shhh!).


The inaugural "victim" approaches....Ginger!

It's okay, we're on a trial run today.

The raffia string is long enough (three strings joined today) so that I can sit at the culvert and wait.


Yum yum...Monge!!

I pulled the door lightly, it closed shut. Nothing dramatic or threatening. Soft close. This is great!

Soon, Vincent came as well...

Let's give it a friendly, neighbourly "aura".

Jojo's Feeding Station

Welcome, Jojo's Feeding Station!!'s not a trap, don't even THINK that word. It's a "friendly feeding station". Why, you know, it's very hazy nowadays, we want to protect the cats from the haze while they eat, right? Eat under shelter where it's safe and breezy.

Ginger was very comfortable inside. Anyone would be; it's not dark (like the dark blue carrier). It's a friendly baby bluish grey and it has little holes where you can see the entire outside world in the comforts of a safe and protected little "feeding station".

Come, come...

(I hope Mr Zurik is watching from somewhere and that he can see that Ginger could eat safely and comfortably inside and that nothing "untoward" happened. After getting your fill of the tasty food, you just step right out. Anyone can see that, right?)

The whole length of Ginger managed to go in. Great! Mr Z is as long and as big as Ginger. I put the Monge in a small container right at the end of the carrier.


Ten years in the neighbourhood...I've seen them all. Only silly cats will fall for this kind of thing.


Silly boys...


Jojo's Friendly Feeding Station beckons, Mr Z!

Step this way, please...

Heh heh....


Joy E. Saga said...

ROFL! Wonderful idea! Tickled my hazy hot monday morning :)

All the best with the 'idea' ... not going to mention the word to jinx it ;p

Jasmine said...

Hahahahahaha ...:D ^-^

Thankfully our Government declared a holiday today for schools, due to the bad haze. You have been working so hard at the Pet World exhibition for 3 days in a row, from morning to night. Anybody would have been exhausted! Take a good rest at home.

Maneki Neko said...

Your captions on the friendly neighbourhood cat cafe had me laughing out loud. I'm glad you're not so exhausted from Petworld that you lost your sense of humour. :-D

chankahyein said...

Cats keep you youthful, fun-loving and relatively sane - it's a tested and verified theory. Ask any cat caregiver!