Thursday, June 6, 2013

Timmy and Mr Shrew

Timmy either has very strong hunting instincts and is incredibly greedy.  We cannot decide which is which, though. I think he has caught at least 2 birds so far, we saw him throwing a snake into the air and we don't know if he was responsible for bringing in the other (dead) snakes and he also chases the shrews who come into our garden.

However, today, I heard the familiar clackity-clackity-clack sound of shrews chewing on cat kibble at the patio and when I looked out, who did I see?


Timmy Tum Tums, watching from the top of the cage.

Not attacking?

Good boy, Timmy!


Here is Mr Shrew!


I've noticed this about shrews. They are really smart. They will "take" some kibble with them, move back a few steps and start eating. Then, they come back for more.


Coming back for more now.

I'm watching Timmy. He isn't about to give chase at all.

mini-CIMG5978 mini-CIMG5979

 And throughout the whole afternoon, Mr Shrew ate to his heart's content while Timmy Tum Tums just watched from his patio chair.

Good boy, Timmy!

Nature never hurries, yet she gets everything done.

Maybe Timmy knows he need not hunt anymore now that he always has food at the patio and really, Timmy, are you ever hungry nowadays?

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