Saturday, June 22, 2013

Igor, his compatriots and...Mr Z!! Yes, he's back!

Yesterday, breakfast was earlier than usual because I had to go off to Pet World.

So, Willy was waiting at the culvert and he had a good, undisturbed breakfast, as had been the case for the past two days where Mr Zurik had not made any appearance at all. We figured he either knew I had been planning to catch him (with the brand new carrier), hence, he decided he would stay away OR maybe, just maybe, his owner had confined him. Or, maybe....Vincent struck a pact with him, ie. you stay away, I won't fight you? Or, maybe....there are too many maybes, so we shall not postulate.

But I was really glad that we had not seen him for two days. Not that I mind his presence, actually. It's just that I don't want the unpleasant task of trapping him and taking him to be neutered, especially if he has an owner.


So, Willy had an uneventful and peaceful breakfast, then he went over to his playground.


Soon, Rosie spotted some visitors to Willy's breakfast spot...


Guten Morgen, Igor!

It's Igor the Shrew. He'sMr Zurik's personal assistant.

Er...assisting in tasting food?


There's more than one of them...


And who might this be? Otto?


Stormtrooper Vincent Valentino Starr guards from the top.


He doesn't attack the shrews.

Good boy, Vincent.


Keeping the peace, eh, Vincent?


Igor' third compatriot, Dmitri.

Igor, Otto and Dmitri - Mr Zurik's personal assistants cum bodyguards.


All is well.

But suddenly, out of nowhere...


Oh no, Mr Zurik!!

He's back.

Where on earth did he come from?

He just appeared out of nowhere after the opening act by Igor & the Shrews.


He ate up whatever kibbles that were left in the bowl (after the food testers had done their job).


Willy watches cautiously from the playground.

But all was well.

Mr Zurik looked at me, said a polite "hello" and calmly walked back through the drains to his colony.

And we were off to Pet World after that.

So, it looked like we have not seen the last of Mr Zurik, though I'm still very relieved that he is a peaceful cat.

Let's keep the peace, folks. Keep the peace. There is enough space and food for everyone.

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