Sunday, June 2, 2013

Of cows in condos and bunnies in boxes

Ever since Indy became the new "taikor" (alpha) in Bunny's Place, and this happened a few months back, he has been making his new position known and heard by everyone. At the same time, Cow has grown increasing subdued, reminiscent of a former mafia boss now retired.


Indy on the aggressive towards poor Cow.


It looked like it was escalating, so I water-gunned Indy down.


An observer watches from high ground.


An innocent bystander who is glad he is not the victim.


We are absolutely NOT involved in any way too. 

By the way, any chance that we might get some supper? 

This morning, being Sunday and everyone was home, husband decided to make cardboard houses for the cats so that they have personal spaces of their own. Hopefully, with personal well-defined territories, the occurrence of fighting might lessen. After all, most fighting is caused by territorial issues. Isn't it?


This is what a Box-House looks like.

It has got an opening on only one side and is covered on all the rest. The door can be on top or on the side, depending on how you place the box.


Bunny discovered this novel Box-House and immediately occupied one.

But no sooner than that happened, Cow decided to relive the glory of his alpha days and tried to wrestle Bunny's Box-House from him.

Poor the time we heard the familiar growling, it was too late to intervene.


Bunny decided to concede defeat...poor Buns.


...and he just sat next to the condo instead.


The Cow didn't want to occupy the Box-House, actually. He only wanted to test his territorial prowess.

Once a boss, always a boss.


We pacified Bunny by giving him a treat of hard-boiled egg.

This habit of pacifying Bunny started WAY back 7 years ago when Bunny was the most helpless amongst the three siblings (Cow, Bunny & Pole) and he was often bullied by Cow & Pole. As kittens, Cow was the most "mature", Pole, the most agile and Bunny, the most confused and helpless. Once he was bullied quite badly by the two, so we pacified him by giving him steamed fish to eat on the dinner table. Ever since then, it's been a ritual, ie. when Bunny gets bullied, he is pacified, often, with food.


Letting Indy play so that some of his aggressive energy is drained off.


This is how Cow "plays".

But today, there is another territorial situation...


Cleo had taken Pole's new mat.


You can clearly see that the poor girl's "take0ver" was completely innocent.


I've come out already...


I didn't know I wasn't allowed to go onto the mat.

You can, Cleo. Don't worry. Everywhere is shared by everyone.


Bunny is happy again.


Pole investigates the new Box-House.


I guess it's still fashionable for Cows to live in condos?


And Bunny takes a nap with his favourite person, my son.


Happiness afternoon nap with your pet (that applies both ways!).

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Yen Ling said...

Totally agree with napping or sleeping with our pets! Warm and cosy and best of all, everyone is safe!