Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This way please, Mr Zurik?

This morning, we were awakened by the sound of cat aggression. We thought it was happening out on the street...


But no!!  It was happening right at the patio!


Two tabby "bull-cats" literally locking horns!

But thank goodness it didn't go beyond that. You two can lock horns and growl, but please do not bite or scratch each other.

You'd notice the rest of the Patio Cats just looked on. No interference.


I come out quickly to feed them and Mr Zurik moves away to the porch.


Hi, Mr Zurik! We haven't forgotten you. Come to Jojo's Feeding Station!

Eat to your heart's content, sheltered from the haze outside.

Come, come, right this way, please!

Mr Zurik looks from the drain. His shrews are with him.


Meanwhile Willy had come running from the playground.

Willy dines outdoor.


Peek-a-boo, Mr Z!


Won't you step into my parlour, sir?

We offer only the finest food, nothing but the best for our favourite customer - YOU!

(Today it was Natural Balance as the can was nearest when I grabbed it and came out.)


Hungry, sir?


Take your time, sir. Take your time. There is no hurry at all.

Mr Zurik was suspicious, very cautious and undecided, so I placed a trail of kibbles inside the carrier, leading to the "bait", I mean, the bowl at the back of the carrier.


He came for the trail, and started eating the few kibbles, very cautiously.

Then, he stepped inside.


But then, he stepped out again and looked at me.

Sir, just step right in, the best food is at the back. We reserve it only for our favourite customer. Exclusively for you, sir.

Mr Zurik moved deeper in.


Once most of him was in (gosh, I hadn't realised he was so big, there was still a bit of butt outside, though and he was already eating the bowl of food by now and he wasn't going in any further), I pulled the door gently, and the moment the door touched his butt, he struggled a bit and scuttled out, rendering Jojo's Feeding Station upside-down!!

Arrgh!! Foiled!!

But it wasn't anything traumatic or loud. It was more of an "oops!" experience, as in, "Oops, you're so big, you turned the carrier upside down..ha ha ha!" - that kind. It wasn't the "Hah!! You tried to trap me, why you....how could you??? You tricked me??!!" - No, it wasn't anything like that at all.


I witnessed it all.

Ha ha ha ha....I'd ROFL if I weren't sitting up here on the ledge!!!


I'm glad the little unpleasant and slightly embarrassing experience did not make Mr Zurik go away.

He stayed to watch what I would do next.


We apologise most profusely, sir, for that inconvenience, sir. It was totally our fault.

Won't you come in again?


By then, Willy had finished eating and had gone back to the playground.


Mr Zurik just continued watching. Igor was beside him.

He didn't seem hungry, actually. I'd bet he had already had breakfast at home. He had just come over to socialise a bit?


So we looked at each other.

And while this was going on, Igor and Otto were busy patrolling the drain. Up and down, up and down, the two shrews went. I swear they were doing a surveillance exercise for Mr Zurik.

As I stood there watching Mr Zurik, I was tempted to try Maslinda's way - use a big blanket and throw it over him, but I'd have to struggle with a jaw and four claws and I don't think I want to do that out in the haze. And seriously, I'm certain Mr Zurik is stronger than me. In terms of muscle mass, that is. I mean, even Pole is stronger than me and I cannot restrain her physically.


Stormtrooper Vincent watches from his sentry post.


Mr Zurik looks at Vincent.


You keep your distance, and we shall let you be.


Rosie is curious and approaches the feeding station.

Mr Zurik suddenly hunched his body and gave chase. The two are sworn enemies, Rosie and Mr Zurik.


Mum Daffodil comes to her daughter's aid.


I intervene and shoo Mr Zurik away.


Daffodil and Ginger come to defend Rosie.

We are family, I've got my brother and mother with me!


Vincent is the back-up. If the situation warrants reinforcement, that is.


By then, I had spent half an hour outside, in the haze.

Hey Mr Zurik, I'm breathing in PM2.5 particulate matter here, and I don't have an N95 mask, you know....

You not interested in trying Jojo's food or customer care service?


I guess not, so I packed up and Mr G helped finished the bait. I mean, the food.


I would have waited longer if not for the haze, but no, it's not worth the risk of getting more PM2.5 particulate matter into my lungs.

Jojo's will be back again, Mr Zurik, this time, with Monge!


 Not interested?

We shall see...

Primal Freeze-Dried, perhaps? No?

My immediate plan is to keep putting food into the carrier every day, until one day....slam, wham! Heh heh heh... 

Our day will come...if we just wait a while...
No tears for us, think love and wear and smile...

Our dreams have magic because...we'll always stay
In love this way...

Our day...will come...


Joy E. Saga said...

May i suggest that you feed Mr Z a few times first before attempting to close the feeding station. That way, he gets comfortable and associate food = jojo.

Then and only then, operation "T" comes in :D

All the best!

chankahyein said...

Yes, that's the plan for now...he he he. Only I don't have the privilege of time in the mornings....tsk, tsk, unless the haze continues and the college remains closed!

Yen Ling said...

LOL! Sorry, but I imagine as I read and it is hilarious. Good try, though. Do you have a larger pet carrier (i.e those meant for small dogs)? Maybe Mr. Z needs a larger dining space and no-one-touch-my-butt-while-I'm eating experience.

Mr. G has a beautiful coat!

chankahyein said...

No, I don't have a larger one. Would anyone be able to loan me one for an indefinite period? Ha ha..."no-one-touch-my-butt" experience!!

Chen said...

Mr. Zurik and his entourage of shrews is simply cute, funny and heart-warming. Where else can you find a cat that is always accompanied by 3 shrews?!

chankahyein said...

And Dmitri has been sleeping on the job lately. It's Igor who is ever loyal!

Connie said...


Ah Fatt specially-made-dog-trap should be spacious enough for Mr Zurik. Igor, Otto & Dimitri can join in together too.

chankahyein said...

Calling Ah Fatt!!

kettenkard said...

Sometimes I wonder if Mr. Z raised by the shrews or he took the shrews in.