Friday, June 28, 2013

The "Taming of the Shrew's Boss"! (Mr Zurik's post-op stories)

Shakespeare would roll in his grave!

Sorry, but this title is as apt as it can get!


At 4pm, I decided to give Mr Zurik some food.

The vet had said he might be groggy until tonight, but hey, I could already hear him struggling to escape from the cage. Believe me, he's wide awake already.

Russian, you know...


Timmy follows food.


If that's not wide awake, tell me, what is it?


I wasn't sure if he would eat Natural Balance, so I did not put the Vetri DMG into it.

But good, he ate it up. I thought it would be easier for digestion since it's finely minced. After all, Jojo's Healing Haven promises quality care, right?


Mr Zurik did not finish his wetfood so I thought perhaps he preferred kibbles.

He did. With the kibbles, he finished everything.


As per advised, the twisty tie is more secure and Zurik-proof than the ribbon.


He's a nice cat. See, I can pat him.


At 5.30pm, I thought he should get another snack. After all, the earlier one was also just a snack. I wanted to see if he could hold down the food.

He could, of course. You know, Russian...

But he toppled the whole water bowl so I figured I needed the type that can be screwed onto the cage.

So I hurried out to the petstore to get one. Unfortunately, they did not have any stock of the screw-on type.


Instead, I bought this stainless steel bowl with the hooks.

But it was too high and there was no lower horizontal bar to hook on to. Mr Zurik couldn't really stand up yet. I needed it lower.


I improvised.

With a cat-collar.

McGyver would have been proud of me...


Indy was quite fed-up with everything that has been going on at the patio.

What??? Another cat???

I'm putting in a complaint in writing!


Willy had his dinner in peace.


Peace is bliss.


Oh, Mr Zurik toppled this water bowl as well.

Sorry, McGyver...


Can we be friends?


So, we unscrewed Pole and Cleo's water bowl and screwed it on for Mr Zurik.

Surely he cannot topple this one?


Me wanna be friends! Me wanna be friends!


Always secure, every moment.


Happy Days are Here Again!!

What's for dinner??


Meanwhile, Pole is NOT happy that her green water bowl has been replaced.


Sniff, sniff, sniff....yucks, what smells is that??

I had washed it thoroughly, but guess you cannot fool a cat. They can smell a rat from a mile away.


 Cleo was so angry with the new water bowl, she took one sniff and ran off, and refused to look at me.

Read on for the green water bowl story...

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