Monday, June 24, 2013

Mr Zurik's Sunday adventure

Yesterday morning I was up very early since it was the last day of Pet World.

There was the sound of cat aggression within the house compound near the patio. When I stepped out, I saw Vincent doing his stand-off stance against someone (hidden by the wall). I was hoping it would be Willy. It would certainly be a great achievement if Willy dared to come into the house compound.

But was....

Yes, none other than our Mr Zurik!

I guess he figured it's Sunday, so he could try his luck.


I had to shoo Mr Z away just to get Vincent back to the patio so that everyone could have breakfast.

After settling everyone down, I went out.


Mr Z had parked himself at Willy's spot, and as expected, Willy was no where to be seen.


Hey Mr Z, that's not your spot, you know. It's Willy's.

mini-CIMG6398 mini-CIMG6399

He was persistent, but not aggressive. So, you just cannot find any faults with him.

This is a public place, isn't it? I can just sit here, can't I?


I went to the playground to look for Willy but could not find him anywhere.

Two neighbourhood cats were out enjoying the early morning.

mini-CIMG6402 mini-CIMG6403

While I was looking for Willy, Mr Z came to lick up the bowl.


....and drink water.

Yes, it's hot and hazy, isn't it?


I gave him some kibbles since he didn't seem like he was going to go away anytime soon.


By then, the Patio Family had finished their breakfast and had come out to see what was happening.


Stroomtrooper Vincent was at the frontlines, of course.


Our guest wasn't the least bit intimidated nor did he feel unwelcomed.

He just sat.

mini-CIMG6410 mini-CIMG6412

Happiness is...

mini-CIMG6413 mini-CIMG6414

....being Timmy!


Playing it safe...


On duty.


Motto: We Live to Serve and Protect

I went out several times but Willy was nowhere to be seen.

It was only after one hour that I finally spotted Willy under the neighbour's car.

Mr Zurik was still sitting at Willy's breakfast spot so that poor little guy must have been so afraid.


I went across the road to feed him. He came running.


Mr Z was still there.


Willy kept looking across the road, worried that Mr Zurik would come after him, so I had to stand close by to give him some confidence.

mini-CIMG6428 mini-CIMG6429

After barely minutes, Mr Zurik started walking over.


I had to shoo him off, so I gave him some food at the dustbin platform.

mini-CIMG6431 mini-CIMG6432

Igor and Otto was with him.


The Patio Family finished up Willy's food.


And little did I know, Vincent was up at his other sentry post, just above Mr Zurik, watching quietly. about dedication to duty, I'd give Vincent full marks for this!


And before we think that Timmy was just guarding his food arsenal, think again...

Timmy was engaged in a peace negotiation with Indy.

Everyone has his and her duty, and Sunday is not a day off. There is a work be done and there is no better time than now to do it.


So, how did it go, Timmy?

We shall see, I suppose...

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