Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Beware of the "dog"

Yes...and he even does a mean tightrope walk to boot!

Who has a dog?


Nandhini dropped in this evening to collect something and I wasn't back yet.

When I came back, Nandhini had a story to tell.

She was standing outside my gate and guess who came to guard the house?

Vincent Valentino Starr....!

Yes, our patio alpha is back in action, mind you. He's back from his sick leave and has resumed full duties.

Nandhini said Vincent was "patrolling" by walking to and fro on TOP of the gate, meowing at her with his famous fearsome face, preventing her from coming through the gate. we think only dogs guard houses?

Please remember that cats have a jaw and four claws, which can be very, very deadly.

The only thing is that cats tend to run away from strangers unless it is a fearless cat like...



Don't mess with Mr Starr, folks.

He sleeps on top of the pillar every night.


Mr Starr's sentry post for his night duty.


I guard inside.


We guard right outside the gate.

By the way, Nandhini said Rosie was guarding at my car.

And what about Mr Tum Tums?


His special duty (upon special request) is to guard the food arsenal!


Yen Ling said...

I agree. You do not want to mess with a cat!

Chen said...

Have you seen these videos? Here is another Indy-like cat showing how a cat can be like a dog!

Video 1:
Video 2: