Sunday, June 9, 2013

Looking for Vincent Starr

Normally, after a traumatic experience (such as going to the vet's coupled with having one's paw dipped in a warm saline bath and being forcefed medicines), a cat might run away from home for a few hours, if only to teach his human a lesson for giving him so much undue stress.

I went out to look for Vincent three times this evening, just to make sure he was okay.

Actually he was okay even last night when he was limping. He slept on the sofa and all was well. But today, I had to go take him to the vet, and that sort of created some distrust on his part towards me ("Where do you think you were going to dump me at?").

Luckily Rosie did not take up any issue with me and just stayed in the porch.

So I only had to contend with dealing with Vincent's bruised ego.

Twice, I found him in the neighbour's porch. I tried to lure him back but he wouldn't budge.

Just before the third round, I heard the sound of catfight outside. Oh oh...not again.

I quickly went out to check and saw little Willy-O running out of the gate. Poor Willy, he got chased out, but by whom?


It cannot be by this mother-and-daughter duo, right?

Now, doesn't this look like some cartoon character, like two cats merged into one?


Poor Willy...I compensated him by giving him supper.


It also cannot be happy-go-lucky Timmy Tum Tums, right?

Normally, Vincent is the one who chases all "intruders" out, but I doubt Vincent would now that he is injured.


Maybe it was Ginger?


Anyway, the search for Vincent continues...


....while Willy has his supper.


Here's what happens when I come out of the gate. Everyone else follows and it's dangerous to be coming out at night.

We could not find Vincent at all. Sobs...where are you, Vincent?

Are you so angry that you have run away from home?

As I was going back into the house...


Hah!! There you are!!


Quietly, he had crept onto the pillar without a single sound.


He ought to be fine if he can still jump up.

Till tomorrow then. Get well soon and goodnight, Vincent!

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