Friday, June 28, 2013

Elmo? Is that you?

As I hurriedly got dressed for work and was coming down the stairs, I saw a little orange kitten coming up the stairs!

Hello...and who might you be?

I saw his cute little face and remembered him as the little orange kitten on the ledge some weeks back....Elmo!

He ran down the stairs and went into panic mode when he came face-to-face with Timmy. The little orange kitty ran for his life and fled out of the house.

I thought all was well and went into the kitchen. As I was filling my water tumbler, suddenly a little orange kitty face popped up and banged on the window. It was the orange kitty, Elmo! He was trying to get into the kitchen from the patio garden.


There he is...


He seemed scared and was desperately trying to get out of the patio garden.

I thought I'd let him go out on his own and not frighten him.

So I went out to my car and saw Ginger and Willy on guard at the pillar.


Orange guards!


But I heard a lot of noise in the patio now, so as late as I already were, I had to go see what was happening.

mini-CIMG6774 mini-CIMG6775

Elmo was so scared, he was trying to scale the wall to escape.


I noticed his tummy bulging...

Maybe Elmo is a pregnant female?


Timmy was fluffing up by now.


Elmo was cornered.

Indy and Bunny were not exactly friendly either.


It IS Elmo, the little orange kitty from the ledge.

I think he comes from Mr G's house.

Seeing how helpless he was, I paved the way for Elmo to go out of the house.

Elmo ran off.

mini-CIMG6781 mini-20130628_075311

Only to hide under this drain cover right outside my house!

I have written to Mr G's owner to ask if Elmo is her cat. Let's wait and see what she says.

My husband says he has seen Elmo on our roof a few times. He's the one who defecates on our roof...oh dear.

The possibilities;

1. Elmo comes from Mr G's house.

2. Elmo is someone's pet who happened to have lost his way and entered a wrong house this morning. That explains why he went upstairs.

3. Elmo came to look for Mr Zurik! The two are friends.

4. The shrews sent Elmo to help Mr Zurik escape. That explains why Elmo stayed at the patio.

(I leave the rest to your imagination!)

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