Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Zurik Incursion continues

I spoke too soon, thinking that Mr Zurik would come to the patio peacefully and not put on any aggressive front.

I was wrong.


After the (chemically seeded) rain yesterday, we had fairly clear skies this morning.


Mr Zurik had taken over Willy's breakfast spot, so I had to go across to the playground to feed the frightened Willy.

mini-CIMG6603 mini-CIMG6604

Will see if we can train him to eat at the dustbin platform.


Vincent is on guard.



Mr Z ate heartily.



The Patio Family had by then finished their breakfast too.


I could come this close to Mr Zurik, plus tap his head. He did not run away. That's a good sign, I though.


Timmy, I know you still want to eat, but better not come so close, please.


And I thought all was good?

I was wrong.

No sooner than I had gone in when I heard the sounds of fierce feline aggression in the porch.


I looked out in the patio and Zurik had come right in and was threatening Vincent.

mini-CIMG6619 mini-CIMG6620

Maybe he's not that fierce after all, as none of the Patio Cats were afraid of him, which is good.


I didn't have much time to play his game, so I just shoo-ed him off.


He wasn't going away, though.


Looks like he got past Mr G very easily.

Well, Mr G is just a guest, so I guess Mr G didn't see it in his place to stop anyone from coming in.


If only you'd let me out, I will take care of the intruder once and for all. And I promise you, fur will fly.

I shoo-ed Mr Zurik out until the drain.

No sooner than that had happened, again....?


He came in again!

I broke up the fight immediately.


Vincent went to his safe post, on top of my car.


You stay there with your shrew friends and don't come in, please.

If you cannot come in peace and be friends, then don't come in.


Luckily you are confined, Tabs. It's a dangerous world out there.

Then, when I came home after work today, again, there was the sound of cat aggression in the patio!


Mr Zurik is here again!

Shoo...away you go!

mini-20130626_122243 mini-20130626_122254

We''ll have to catch him, somehow.

I need more time in the morning and I don't have that privilege.

Well, somehow...

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