Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Are Timmies landing on earth as well??


 This is the original Timmy whom I'm convinced dropped down from the sky ala Mr Bean, right smack in front of my gate.


Move aside, Indy Jones.

Your gang is coming, we know, but all in cat form.

Timmy's Battalion is coming too, and the first to land is in dog-form!
(Note the tum-tums in the puppy!)

And soon, we might just see Timmy-zebras, Timmy-cows, Timmy-elephants, etc., etc., etc.

The first sign: Timmy taking over Vincent's role as alpha at the patio.

Beware the coming of the Timmies....by the droves!!

Behold, below, an artist's impression of what is to come....

(Or have they already been spotted??)

image image_1 image_2


kettenkard said...

Little did we know that during his many tours, Indy Jones found the lost Crystal Skull of Cozan; which hold unlimited supernatural powers. He used it to claim territories all over Malaysia by creating clones of himself.

Meanwhile Timmy the Time Lord from the Planet Tum-Tums of the OmNomNom Galaxy fears that Indy would use it for evil purposes. He swears to return the balance to the world. Using his advanced time traveling spaceship (or what we all know as the blue dustbin) he silently brought his brethren to Earth, hiding them all over the country.

We have a supernatural-space-alien-magic battle coming.Brace yourselves.

chankahyein said...

I shall apoint Kettenkard and Chen Chen as co-writers in this blog!! ROFL!!

Chen said...

Much honoured! But it's Timmy who should be getting all the credit for being such an out-of-the-world super cat with the most inspired name.