Sunday, June 9, 2013

Vincent's swelling has subsided a lot!


The papase enzyme (which I'm told is a natural anti-swelling remedy) is really doing a world of good for Vincent's swollen leg. Maybe it's also the antibiotics and the dippy in warm saline.

Vincent's swelling has gone down a lot this morning.

I was up late this morning, so my husband fed everyone kibbles. Vincent was a little apprehensive in joining the rest for breakfast at the patio (when injured, any animal would be a little scared and defensive) so he had his meal at the corner. But he ate.

When I got up, it was wetfood time, so everyone else (including Mr G who has recently learnt how to eat wetfood and discovered how tasty it is!) came back to the patio to wait. Vincent did not come. He hid under my car.

I took a can of natural balance to entice him to come out, but no, he would not budge.

Monge to the rescue!!

Capture 1

Monge never fails!

I gave him one helping of food first, so that he doesn't feel like he has been tricked into coming out. Only after that, did I carry him up and gave him his medicine (tablets covered with Natural Balance). He took it all in without any fuss. This was of course followed by more reward of Monge.


Soon, the scent of Monge filtered through the air and Ginger arrived from the patio.

Capture 2

Daffodil and Rosie too.

Er...where is Timmy, I asked.


Husband checked and found Timmy and Mr G polishing up everyone's remaining Natural Balance, at the patio.

Ok, shhh...


So, the foursome had a feast here.


I checked Vincent's leg - the swelling had gone down so much. It's amazing.

I think I will spare him the dippy treatment this morning. It would be too many things for the morning. We will probably do that later, or, maybe not at all if there is no need for it anymore.

The vet was right. He is an extremely careful vet who will normally give you a list of what could go wrong (to be realistic) but he was very sure Vincent would get well. I'm so glad!


Nz said...

Glad to know Vincent is recovering :)
btw Dr. Chan, may i know where did you get Monge? Tried to search in pet stores nearby my house area but none have Monge can foods.

chankahyein said...

I think only certain petstores sell Monge. I will get a list for you.

Andy said...

Hi NZ, can u advise your area?

Nz said...

Hi Andy,
My house area is Ampang.

chankahyein said...


Water Front Pet Shop
Ampang Waterfront, 019-3133 022 (Mr Liew)

Pet Save
Aeon AU2, Setiawangsa, 03-4251 1770