Saturday, June 15, 2013

A failed attempt to catch Mr Zurik

Today is Saturday, and after I had fed all the Bunny-people and the Patio Family, I went out to the culvert to feed Willy-O. My husband said he had already chased Zurik away because Willy was so terrified of the bully. Zurik had sat on the culvert, preventing Willy from coming.

Earlier in the morning, we already heard the sound of cat aggression. It was Stormtrooper Vincent Starr fending off Mr Zurik from coming into our porch. Our Stormtrooper means business, so never mess with him.

By the time I went out to the culvert, Zurik was nowhere to be seen. Willy was at the playground, waiting for me to come out. When I called him, he came over, but ever so cautiously. The poor little guy kept looking over his shoulder to see if Mr Zurik would suddenly pounce on him.

While Willy was eating, I spotted Mr Zurik coming from up the road. There was this adamant and confident look on his face. He was coming to get Willy's food. But he didn't dare storm head-on his way over. He sat at the embankment of the playground and watched.

Cautious and smart fellow, aren't you?

Then, a thought came to me. Why not attempt to catch him to be neutered? After all, he certainly looks very strong and healthy. So I signaled to my husband (who was at the playground) to keep an eye on little Willy, who by now, was still eating, but already quite terrified as he sensed the bully was nearby.

I went in, got the blue carrier and put a small plate on Monge into the far end of it.

Then, I walked over nonchalantly and placed the carrier (with the Monge) near Mr Zurik.

Mr Zurik looked at me, unmoved.

So you think you're going to trick me (like you did Mr Quack)? 

This time I had no blue ribbon as it was an impromptu move, but I thought, "Hey, why not just give it a try? What have I got to lose, right?"

Mr Zurik sat and looked.

Hmm....he is probably not hungry at all.

Yes, he's either not hungry or too smart to be tricked.

So, I went back to the culvert to accompany Willy while Mr Zurik watched us from afar, with the Monge still in the blue carrier.

Nothing happened.

So after awhile, I removed the blue carrier. Mission aborted for today.


By then, the whole Patio Family had already come out to the culvert. Vincent did not chase Willy but allowed him to eat.

But Willy decided the drain would be safer, so he went in and escaped through the drains to the playground. But that was after he finished a decent meal of kibbles and Monge.


Rosie and Daffodil were very concerned, so they crossed the road to see what was happening with Mr Zurik and me.

Remember that Rosie and Mr Zurik are sworn enemies.


I see you, you see me...we are happy family.


I can actually get this close to him.


But Rosie wanted to ensure I was okay, so she came nearer.


Daffodil too.


And of course, how can the Stormtrooper be left out?


Ginger decided he'd just play it safe.

Timmy is INSIDE the porch.


Why court trouble? 


Hello Mr Zurik!


Mr Zurik maintains a safe distance.


I see you, you see me....


Meanwhile, the shrew had a field day eating up all the kibbles left behind by Willy and Vincent!


And Willy has gone down the road where he is safe.


Poor little Willy.

I wouldn't mind him coming to join the Patio Family for meals. After all, Willy is so docile and tame.



I'm the last member and no one gets past me!


Fui Chin Khoo said...

Nice try mention so many times how magical Monge is, bought one the other day, my cat not interested at all, so I gave it to the strays, they too never even touched it :(

chankahyein said...

Ha ha. Mr Zurik also not fpoled by it!!