Thursday, June 20, 2013

A peaceful Zurik-free morning

This morning, I was surprised to find that Mr Zurik was NOT sitting at the culvert. Why, Willy was sitting comfortably and most confidently at the drain, waiting for breakfast. Willy appeared happy too, which probably suggests that the little guy had not been (A) chased, (B) bullied, (C) taunted by the bigger cat all morning., where was Mr Zurik?

Anyway, I had no time to look for him as I had to get to work, so I stayed long enough for Willy to finish his breakfast. However, I did notice that Willy was still on the alert and he kept looking over his shoulder, just in case.

However, Igor the Shrew brought two more shrew-friends and they came asking for kibbles. Straight on, too. Igor wasn't afraid.

When I left for work, Willy was sitting quite majestically at the dustbin platform, enjoying the morning sun.



We think Mr Zurik is probably someone's pet. If so, we hope he will keep to his colony and let ours maintain our peace. We have a peaceful equilibrium right now, with the Patio Family accepting Willy and allowing the little guy to eat right outside the gate.

All is quite well.


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