Sunday, June 9, 2013

Now, Vincent Starry to the vet's

This afternoon, we went to visit one of our Food Fund applicants, but that story will come later because after the visit as I reached home, I found Vincent Starr limping.

I had already noticed him limping yesterday but thought it might be just a sprain. This afternoon, it was more than a sprain, his entire right leg was swollen.

I quickly made a call to the vet's and luckily, he was able to slot me in before closing.

So, off we went, Vincent and I.

mini-20130608_174118A bit of on orchestra in the car, but just very midly.

The vet was very thorough and based on my description of Vincent's character and habits, he said it is most likely to be a bite wound which had probably happened a few days ago, but is only swelling up now. A bite causes "congestion" inside, and germs thrive in such an environment.

We then took Vincent out of the carrier and true enough, we managed to find the bite wound on the swollen leg after shaving off a bit of his fur. The wound seemed to have healed on its own and we cannot be sure if there would be pus developing.

To help alleviate further infection, we have the following options:

(1) Dipping in warm saline solution to help the blood flow and let the body heal itself. Good blood flow will ease the congestion. Saline (salt solution) will also cause osmosis which will draw the pus (if any) out of the tiny puncture wound (again, if any).

(2) Antiobiotics (Clavomox) for 7 days.

(3) Papase enzyme to ease the swelling.

(4) Vetri DMG.

The vet said there is a chance (1) alone might work too.  But I opted for all four. Why take the chance?

By the way, Vincent weighed 5.2kg. He is all muscle. Dense muscle.

mini-20130608_180156Vincent was exploring inside the clinic.

When we got home...

mini-20130608_181822Rosie, Daffodil and Ginger were waiting in the porch for their friend.

Rosie is probably saying, ", what did the doctor say is wrong with you, Vincent?"


I gave Vincent his medicine without any problem at all. Now, why can't the Cow family be THIS easy to pill?

Then, Vincent was rewarded with wetfood, of course. Served on Pyrex too.

mini-20130608_182538This is the warm saline water.


Dippy time!

Vincent just struggled a wee bit. This is a piece of cake compared with....(you know who).


Hmm...when do I get to go for a car ride?

Believe me, Timmy, you don't!

mini-20130608_182820Car rides come with yummy food?

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