Thursday, June 27, 2013

Timmy has to go on a diet (vet's advice)

I had been worried about Timmy's "two-bowls tummy", so I made an appointment for him to see the vet this evening.


His bulgy abdomen has been quite worrying, especially when I only feed him twice a day and he doesn't eat more than anyone else.


Off we go to the vet's, Timmy.

Poor boy....he didn't know why.


The vet was quite sure there was nothing wrong with Timmy, judging from his demeanour.

mini-CIMG6637 mini-CIMG6638

"It's very common to find obese pets nowadays", says the vet.

Some are even worse, ie. their bellies touch the floor. Okay, so Timmy isn't AS bad as some others. Small consolation.

I said I don't indulge him with food except for the occasional stealing of food from the rest, and generally, Timmy eats only twice a day (no more, from me, that is) and is given the same amount as everyone else. The vet said you cannot compare two cats like that, their metabolic rate may be different. Also, as a former stray, Timmy's body could have learnt to store food as fat more effectively (yups, like camels do).

The vet didn't think there was anything wrong with Timmy right now since Timmy looked a picture of health, is alert and agile. However, Timmy is definitely obese and needs to lose weight. Obesity is NOT GOOD at all, and has to be taken seriously. This is because it can lead to diabetes, kidney problems and this increases the mortality rate of the animal.

For example, among a fat cat, a thin cat and a normal cat, if all three were to be trapped (without food), the first to die would be the fat cat. And why so? Because the body will metabolise the fat and this fat will choke the liver.

So, there's no question about it. If you love your pet, make sure your pet isn't obese.

I'm listening....

And yes, the same would apply to Bunny, Cow and Tiger too.

By the way, Timmy is 6.5kg. (Bunny is 6.85kg.) The ideal weight for both is 5kg.

So, what is the plan for Timmy?

Do NOT go on a drastic diet. It might kill your pet. Ok, got it.

Gradual reduction of food. Here's how it works: Measure the food intake and reduce it by 20% only. Do this for 1 to 1 1/2 months, then take his weight again. If the weight has reduced, continue with this amount of food until such a time when the ideal weight has been achieved. If the weight has not reduced at all after 1 1/2 months, reduce another 20%.

That's the plan.


I asked the vet if Timmy's tail had been severed and he says it looks like it.

Poor Timmy...I wonder who did that to him last time (cut off his tail).


The vet estimates Timmy to be about 3-4 years old. His teeth looks really good except for some mild gum problem, which does not warrant any treatment right now, but I could give him some food for this purpose.

I asked if Timmy should be dewormed. The vet says if Timmy had worms, he wouldn't look this good. If he were scrawny, then yes, he ought to be dewormed. But for Timmy, he only needs to be dewormed once in 6 months. In fact, the vet joked that having some worms may be good for share his food!

So, Timmy was given a clean bill of health except of being obese (which is no laughing matter, I understand).

His diet will start tomorrow.

We drove home; with me feeling relieved that there wasn't anything wrong with Timmy, and I'm determined to control his diet.


As we approached the house...oh no, Mr Zurik was terrorising Daffodil and Rosie inside the porch.


I let Timmy go.


Fed Willy at the playground.


 Yes, we are happy, aren't we, Timmy?

But tomorrow, you eat only one little bowl of food per meal, okay?

More news to follow....(read on!)


Freyia said...

Just a thought, maybe Timmy got into obesity by eating at other places too.

chankahyein said...

That's what the vet suggested too, but it's more likely Ginger, Rosie and Daffodil have other houses. Timmy is at the patio all the time! But wait for the next post (I know how he gets extra food now).

Azrael Looi said...

after reading your post, i'm guilt ridden... my cat is 7kg+ ... he eats non stop... his tummy is almost touching the floor... but i don't know how to control his diet. If he doesn't eat to his heart content, he'll get aggressive with other cats :(

Joy E. Saga said...


I realised that when I gave more wet food my cat's weight was more controlled. Also gave them raw chicken / beef. They stay full longer.

I also have 1 obese cat, nearing 7kg. He is on a diet, but he cleans up the bowl. He will ask for food, but I will ignore him. I only feed them on fixed time. Also need to get them to exercise. Increased play time will help.

So far, he has dropped 100gms. :D

Good luck!

Jasmine said...

Thank God Timmy's health is good. Only need to control his obesity. He is one tubby and cute cat :)

azrael said...

Hi Joy,

thank you so much for the advice. wet food wise, i give them once a week canned fish. my vet advised me to take on a low protein diet. for normal kibbles, the lowest protein content i can find in market is 27%. but you were right about exercise. i'll work on this direction... thank you.