Monday, June 17, 2013

Of Superman, Supercats and the unsung heroes

Superman has come to town again!!

But who doesn't love Superman? He's an all-time favourite superhero, isn't he?


From the cartoon character in DC comics...

chris reeve

To the unforgettable and irreplaceable Christoper Reeve.

You notice the outstretched arm when flying?

That's the Superman flying posture. Make no mistake about it. Only Superman flies this way.

henry cavill

And the latest to step into the famous suit is Henry Cavill.

Notice the single outstretched arm in his flying posture?

By the way, Henry Cavill's Superman wears his underwear inside, not outside.

But the outstretched arm is intact.

Or, if you prefer Supercats?

Welcome, the world of Supercats!


(one arm out)





Er...but why are they are sleeping?

Well, what do you expect, after a hard day's work of fighting crime and saving the world?

Even Supercats have to sleep, you know.

But notice the outstretched arm?

Aha...these are cats of steel. Make no mistake about it.

But some cats may not have that unmistakable pose, yet...they are supercats in their own right.

Here's today story of two supercats who are the unsung heroes of the day.

We went to watch Superman (yes, the Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe and Kevin Costner version) and came back rather late. When we drove up to our gate, Willy-O was right at our gate, guarding our house!

Or was he just waiting for dinner?

Never mind, give the poor guy the benefit of the doubt, right?

Willy was guarding our house.

Yay for Willy!

Then, I quickly got down, and gave Willy some food. Inside the porch, were Vincent, Timmy, Ginger and Mr G.

Daffodil and Rosie were missing.

I fed the four males at the patio and went out to call for Rosie and Daffodil.

No cat came.

Then, I went to take a bath and came down again to look for them. As I was about to go out of the gate, guess who came running?

It was Daffodil!

And guess who was chasing her back?


None other than our hero...Vincent Valentino Starr.

Vincent had gone to look for Daffodil and he chased her all the way back home.


Here's Daffodil looking a little sheepish after dinner.


And our hero. Yay for Vincent!!


And a few minutes later, Timmy brought Rosie back too!

Yay for Timmy!!


No "yay" for me?


No. No special "yay" for you two today.

But everyone is a hero in his/her own way!

Meanwhile, you know how Indy has look-alikes everywhere, right?

Well, Kettenkard chanced upon taking this snapshot....


Move aside, Man of Steel!!


Andy Lew said...

Superbuns looks most intact. btw, how do u like the movie? plan to watch with my boy.

chankahyein said...

I would rate the movie as "okay". More special effects than story. Not much story development, especially on the human side. Personally, I prefer Christopher Reeve's.

claire said...

The last pic of Mr.G, he looks like a carpet lol

Norely Abd Rahman said...

Love your superheroes but love Mr. G's photo here even more. He's one big, fat, blop of fur! Super cute!

Chen said...

Mr. G looks so much better after neutered (and his many rounds of food.) Maybe to show how neutering benefits free-roaming male cats, you can use Mr. G's before and after pictures as a poster to promote neutering :D

chankahyein said...

Would have to dig up his not-so-nice photos from last year! Maybe, if you are free, you can dig one up for me?

Jasmine said...

Dear Sister Kah Yein,

Glad to know that you took some time out to go watch a movie :) You've been working so hard all the time. Sometimes I wonder if you ever do sleep or have some personal time for yourself. Take care and warm regards.

P/s I plan to watch Man of Steel this week.

chankahyein said...

Hi Sis Jasmine, Thanks for your kind wishes. Get ready for LOTS of destruction scenes on the silver screen, and Superman and General Zod being thrown back and forth!

Chen said...

Google has been very helpful :). See links below for previous posts about Mr. G.

chankahyein said...

Thanks! Choose the "best" to showcase the difference, please.

kettenkard said...

caught a rare photo of SuperIndy in action.

chankahyein said...

Love this!!

kettenkard said...

Have you seen the news?

chankahyein said...