Saturday, June 8, 2013

Of Indy Joneses, Spider-Cats and dopplegangers!!

Oh no!!  Has Indy escaped again??!!!


 Catherina sent these photos, from Melaka.

I must say, the resemblance is almost uncanny!


 It is a street cat at a Melaka food stall and she's female.

I assure you, it's not Indy and that he has not teleported elsewhere, because Indy IS at home right now....


There, our Indy Jones is here.

Or, is he....really?

This is the third Indy look-alike we've seen. The first one was a street-cat in Kuchai Lama, taken by Mary to the vet for spaying (yes, female). The second was a coffee-shop cat in SS14, spotted by my son. This is the third. Yikes! How many more Indy Joneses are there out there?

And will the real Indy Jones please stand up?

Oh I forgot, there's one more. The cat who went to cast its vote, remember?  That's also an Indy lookalike!

That makes five of them!


Jasmine said...

Hahahaha .... :D

Chen said...

There is also that cat that wants to go vote. Remember?

chankahyein said...

Oh ya, ya. That's five of 'em Indy Joneses around...gee whizz!

Alicia said...

Indy better not know about it. He might get them to switch places. He'll be saying "I'll be back before they even realise it. Hehehe."

chankahyein said...