Monday, June 17, 2013

The Clash!!

Shortly after this morning's incident, where there were thankfully no casualties, I heard the sound of cat aggression outside.

I rushed out....


Oh no!


Stop it, you two!!

I broke up the fight and shoo-ed Mr Zurik away.

He went away, albeit reluctantly.

I'll have to catch him and get him neutered already. Too bad I don't have any mornings free this semester. But here's where you see that neutering does NOT remove the territorial instincts from an animal, as testified by so many vets. It merely removes the sexual urge so they will not fight to mate, but they will still fight to protect their territory. It is two different parts of the brain, folks. Look at Cow, Bunny and Indy - they are still so territorial. So are Pole and Cleo. Which is precisely the point I tried to explain to the council officers the other day when they insisted that neutering removes the territorial nature of animals and it fails to prevent migration of new animals into the territory. I told them Cow & Bunny alone kept my old street cat-free for 6 years, but they brushed it off and just said it isn't working in Kota Kinabalu with the pilot project involving 12 neutered dogs.'s not fool-proof, but the whole idea is that once we commit to CNRM, we will just keep neutering the newcomers. It's to stop killing, that's the main aim. But I guess we weren't on the same page on that.

Well, never mind them. We will do whatever we can. We don't kill and we don't support any form of killing.


Our hero comes home. Unscathed.

mini-CIMG6268 mini-CIMG6269Unleash us!!!


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kettenkard said...

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs ..I mean...cats of war!!