Monday, June 3, 2013

Hello, you must be new around here?

This morning, breakfast was as usual at Bunny's Pantry...


Suddenly, I heard a noise on the roof.


Oh hello, Willy. You're up here!

I was quite glad that Willy had come all the way to look for me up here. That means he is not angry anymore (that I tried to catch him yesterday).

Hey...wait a don't look like Willy.

Are you Willy??


The Willy-like cat was looking towards Bunny and friends having their meal.

Hello, kitty...please look this way. Are you Willy...or someone else?


Hey, you're NOT Willy!

Willy's eyes are more yellow than this.

You're new on the block?

I remember my husband telling me there is a new smallish ginger cat around. He has seen him only once. This must be him.

Hi there, kitty!

And Kitty wanted so much to join Bunny and Friends. I could see the yearning in his eyes. Maybe he is hungry?


But of course he could not jump down. It's too high and there was no way I could get up there to give him food, so the kitty just stayed on the roof and watched.

I hope he has a home, though.

I think we'll call him Elmo.

Now, on to feeding the Patio Family and Willy-O.

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Marina said...

I am looking forward for the next part of the story.Thank you for such an inspiring story