Tuesday, June 18, 2013

I "almost" got you, Mr Zurik!

 "Almost" = Failed!

Mr Zurik 1 ; Human 0


This morning, Mr Zurik had seated himself on the culvert (Willy's spot) so Willy had to eat at the playground.


And while Willy was eating...


...I laid my "trap" (shh...).

There's Monge inside, Mr Zurik...come, come, come....


He's in!!

But not entirely in...tsk!

This was a totally unplanned trapping and I had not attached my ribbon yet, but never mind, I tiptoed barefooted towards the carrier ever so gingerly, hoping to push him in and shut the door...


But he was alert and backed off immediately, straight into his drain.

So, the green carrier is too short for the entire length of his body.

Bring out the dark blue carrier then!!


I stayed close by...

(There's a can of Monge inside.)


Here he comes! Yes!!

"Go in, Mr Zurik, go in, please", I chanted in my heart.

He only went halfway in. The small can of food was way inside. He hadn't reached the food yet.

Go in, Mr Z. Please...




He looked around, then decided he wasn't that hungry after all and would not succumb to the temptation of aromatic foods.

I'm not really SO hungry, you know. 

And anyway, I don't like this dark coloured carrier. I like bright colours. That bright green carrier looks better. This one's too dark. Don't like it. I smell something fishy and I don't mean the food. 


And he sat by the drain, and watched me.

I smiled at him, trying to mask all thoughts with the smile on my face.

Hello, I'm a cat. I can read your mind.

And I'll have you know that I do read your blog too. I know you just featured that fellow, Mr G? What's this about neutering making him regain his youth and all that jazz? I'm not buying into any of that stuff, if that's what you are trying to sell to me. Why, one of your readers commented that I look "gorgeous" (Yes, I read that too, in the comments section.). So, why do I need your neutering treatment to look good, eh? I already look good. 

So there! 

After work just now, I stopped by my regular petstore...


 ...and bought a brighter-coloured carrier. And a longer one at that too.

Between the grey and the green, the grey is bigger, so I opted for the grey. The green one is only slightly bigger than my own green.

Do you like grey, Mr Zurik?

They don't come in yellows or pinks...sigh.

This would have to be next week's mission as I don't have anymore mornings to play around with.

By the way, something else happened this morning after my failed mission.

I had gone to take a bath when I heard cat aggression in the porch.

My husband said Mr Zurik had come into the porch and then chased poor Rosie INTO the blue carrier!!  After that, he calmly walked out of the gate.

I'll bet Mr Zurik is really having much fun, isn't he? Luckily he isn't as tyrannical or dangerous as Mr Quack. Mr Quack bites and injures. If you remember, he bit Ginger's paw until it almost turned gangrenous and while the poor boy was confined in the cage for treatment, Mr Quack continue coming to threaten him outside the cage. That is why the Quack had to be rehomed. We just could not risk letting him back into the neighbourhood again, even after being neutered. I mean, neutering Atilla the Hun won't change his tyrannical ways, right?

Now, Mr Zurik is different. He's just smart and mischievous. Not tyrannical. At least, that's what we can see so far.

I don't exactly mind this sort, you know. As long as you don't hurt others, a little bit of mischief is fine by me. But I'd still like to get you neutered, Mr Zurik.

And on the subject of Mr Quack, I met his adopter the other day, and the update is that Mr Quack still does not allow her to touch him, and he still avoids all humans, but he is quite okay with other cats. He doesn't fight with anyone, he is still a loner but tiny kittens like to sit next to him! So, his only cat-friends would be this troop of tiny kittens who would sit all around him and he is fine with that. Would you believe it!

Well, that's Mr Quack for you!

And as for Mr Zurik, next week, my friend. Next week...

The capture of Mr Quack: http://myanimalcare.org/2012/12/19/ladies-and-gentleman-may-i-present-mr-q-plan-d/ (after a few failed attempts).

I've got raffia string.


kettenkard said...

I can almost imagine you shaking your fist while screaming "Foiled again!I'll get you next time!"

Wait a sec...

Who's the villain here again?

chankahyein said...

Heh, heh....calm, calm, calm. I've been well-trained by Mr Quack!

Jasmine said...

Hahaha :D ... Excellent!!! My heart missed a beat reading this wonderful blog, the essence beautifully captured!

Love your Mr Quack saga, it was exciting and thrilling to say the least but I guess he gave you nightmares too! You will catch Mr Z soon enough, we are sure of that! Take care.