Thursday, May 30, 2013

Let's girl-talk

I meant we'll talk about the girl-cats, of course.

The girl-cats seldom get featured in my posts, but maybe that's because they don't often do antics.

Well, today, we take a look at our youngest girl-cat.

I could not find her anywhere...


...until I checked inside the wardrobe.

mini-CIMG5756 you are here?

Sitting amongst the ropes, learning the ropes?

The other day, during one of the outings, Indy, Tiger and Tabs had all gone into the storeroom to explore when we were busy doing some DIY around the house. Later, only Indy and Tiger had come out and our girl was still inside (but we did not realise this).

Soon we realised she was missing and search high and low in the house. When we could not find her, we frantically went up and down the road outside looking for her. Minutes passed and we thought she had really got lost this time.

Tabs was nowhere to be found. We began to panic.

Finally, it dawned on us to look into the storeroom and there she was; not the least bit concerned that we were shouting like mad people, calling out her name or that our shouting had caused the neighbour's dog to bark like nobody's business.

Now, back to today's wardrobe episode...


She didn't want to come out, so I left the door open.


Me no come out yet...


After an hour...


After three hours...

She finally came out, after three-and-a-half hours of restful, undisturbed, stress-free slumber.

And now, tonight, look who is in the condo?


It's Tabs!!

I think this is the first time EVER that Tabs has managed to get this prime spot in the condo.

Her place used to be the penthouse until Pole took it.


Hi Tabs!!!!


All the girls love the penthouse.

The boys are too lazy (read: fat) to jump up.

mini-CIMG5763And Pole is quite happy lying here tonight, and let the two younger girls enjoy her condo.

Good girl, Pole!


claire said...

My cats are like dogs, they usually meow when I call them if they are trapped somewhere in the house =DD

Joey said...

rotflol!! Lucky for me, my feathered kids will chirp, whistle or say hello when I start calling for them when I dont see them at where they are supposed to be :p

Maneki Neko said...

You are so lucky, Joey! Mine will stay quiet, and I think they even put their paws over their mouths to cover the sounds of their giggles as I fly round the house in an increasing panic while looking for them.

Chen said...

"Cow's butt is sooo cute!" ----> girl-talk :p

Jasmine said...

Aww ... they all look so adorable resting comfortably, these pretty girls. And Tabs though naughty looks SO cute! :)

Yen Ling said...

Cleo's yoga sleeping pose. :)