Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Hello Mr Shrew and other stories

Way back in my old house, the tree shrews (popularly known as "Malaysian squirrels") used to come into our kitchen and eat our bananas or cat kibbles. Our cats allowed them to eat. Even way, way before the cats came, Mac shared his dog kibble with them too. None of our dogs or cats attacked them.

Here, as in most urban neighbourhoods in the Klang Valley, there are also communities of tree shrews.

The other day I caught Timmy climbing our frangipanni tree (yes, Timmy the Tummy was CLIMBING!), trying to catch a tree shrew. Luckily the shrew was faster and he managed to escape. You know how the frangipanni is not exactly a big tree? Well, Timmy the Tummy climbed all the way to the top.

And this afternoon as I was busy processing today's claims (as you may have read, there were so many today!), I heard that familiar sound of happy nibbling of the kibbles. It went clackity-clackity-clack.

It cannot be the cats.

A shrew had managed to come into Bunny's Pantry?


Can you see the little tree shrew?

He's at the clothes line and three of the cats are watching him.


There he is!

I'm glad none of the cat chased him.

Now, we will have a new guest at Bunny's Pantry for tea time!

mini-CIMG5919 mini-CIMG5920

Playtime for the seniors.



Looks like it's "game over". Bunny has sat on the toy!


No game anymore? But I want to play too.


Hey Indy, you want to play?

Looks like it's a no?

Outside, Willy came for dinner.

mini-CIMG5924 mini-CIMG5927


 The wound has healed very well.

Yes, trust Nature to do her job. She is more than capable of handling small jobs.


Ginger reminds me of Hugh Dillion (Sergeant Ed Lane in Flashpoint, the Canadian hit series), doesn't he?

Look at those big, big eyes!


Now, Daffodil is extremely motherly. She will let everyone eat first (even though she has her share), including Mr G and she eats the leftovers. So I have to do a second round check to ensure there are leftovers for her!

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