Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Guess who came for dinner (The Zurik Chronicles continue...)

There was cat aggression at the patio this evening.


Oh no, it was Mr Zurik bullying Mr G.

Poor Mr G....


I quickly intervened. We cannot have our guest harmed, right?


Then, as Ginger tried to come back, Mr Zurik started intimidating Ginger.


The brave mum steps in to defend her son.

Yay for Daffodil! Never judge a cat by her size, I tell you.

I tried to mediate with a peace (read: food) offering.


You eat, Mr Z, and stop bullying people. It's not nice.

This is not your house. You do not come into other people's house and flex your muscles, you hear?

mini-CIMG6581 mini-CIMG6583

I approached him slowly...he didn't move away.

Guess he was really hungry?


Timmy...I wouldn't come so near if I were you, Timmy. Not every cat is friendly...


I was testing the boundaries. I stepped closer.


Happy days are here again...


The skies above are clear again...

Yes, Timmy, literally, yes, after the rain.


Daffodil was not about to let go so easily.

Nobody bullies my son!

We have noticed that Daffodil and Rosie always protect Ginger. I think he must be the younger of the two.

Anyway, Mr Zurik seems calm now.


Oh comes our Stormtrooper, Vincent.


The aggression begins...


Neither wanted to let go.


Look at the head gestures.

They always try to show their sides because that makes them look bigger.


Alright, stop it now.

I had to side with Vincent. After all, this is Vincent's territory and Mr Z is the intruder.


I shoo-ed Mr Zurik off and brought Vincent back to the patio.


All is safe now, Ginger.


Just tell me who you want bashed up, and I'll do it for you., Indy. Thanks for the offer and we certainly do not doubt your ability but we can settle this peacefully.


Waiting for Igor for a debrief, Mr Zurik?

Now, I don't mind if he comes in peacefully and eats at the patio. That's perfectly okay as long as there is no fighting, biting or scratching. And certainly no fur flying!


Yen Ling said...

Indy, Indy. He is doing all his kung fu calculation, I tell ya.

Joy E. Saga said...

Just a thought. Timmy's tummy is SOOOOO round, but the rest of his body isn't. Perhaps you can check if his liver is doing fine, or check for round worm. Just a precaution. ( i tend to worry for nothing sometimes but i rather err on the side of caution )

chankahyein said...

Was planning to already. Made appointment for today. Hope it's just due to overeating. Pray....

Jasmine said...

Hahahaha ... most likely due to over-eating!! :D