Monday, June 3, 2013

Catching Willy, Part 1

My plan is to feed Willy for a few more weeks before attempting to catch him to be neutered. I don't think he has an owner anymore now as he is often sighted at the blue dustbins and inside the drain. He no longer hangs out at that vacant house nowadays. I think that family has moved away again.

So, to fatten him up, he needs to have two proper meals in a day.


So I went out to the culvert and started calling for Willy.

I know he usually comes via this drain, and from this direction too.


Rosie came to help. She skips dinner at times. I think she has a few snack times from other houses.


Rosie seems to know Willy comes from his direction too.


Here he comes now!


Willy stops. He is afraid of something.


Oh no! The Stormtrooper is here.

Go back, Vincent! Go back.

Luckily, Vincent went back into the porch.

So we call Willy again...


Come, Willy, it's safe now.


Rosie, you've got to go back too, please.

Back into the house.


I put the bowl closer to Willy.


And shoo these two back inside again.


Yay, Willy eats!


But wait a bit...I noticed at the back of his right ear (not shown in the photo). It looked fresh, but the blood had coagulated. It didn't look too serious to me, but it would be good to have it cleaned up and dressed with iodine.

So, instinctively, I approached Willy slowly, and caught him.

On hindsight, of course that wasn't very smart at all. I was just pushing my luck as I thought I might miss the opportunity should I go in and bring out a carrier.

Willy let me catch him, and I managed to carry him all the way into the porch and as I was almost approaching the door, he bit me and kicked off me.

Of course he would. Which self-respecting cat wouldn't, right?

Silly he won't trust me again, at least for a few more days or weeks.

But Willy hadn't gone far. He was just under my son's car, still inside the porch. So I quickly brought in the bowl of food and placed it under the car for him.

He wasn't interested in the food anymore now. He was already full.

So I rushed in and brought out a can of Monge.

When all else fails, Monge will still always work.

But by then, Vincent had intervened and Willy had fled out of the gate.


I brought the carrier out this time (maybe by a chance-in-a-million, I might be able to catch him again (yeah, dream on!)). But all the patio cats came too, because they had smelled Monge.

Willy smelled Monge as well and wanted to come back, but...


Vincent intervened again.



I had four puncture wounds by Willy, but it's not serious.

After much coaxing....


Willy came to eat.


I don't blame him for not trusting me now.


I made one more attempt to catch him, but he was elusive.

Well, it's too much for him in a day. The wound didn't exactly look too serious (to me), so I think it can heal on its own (I'm hoping good nutrition would help but I would prefer to have it cleaned and dressed, if only I could).

Tomorrow onwards I have an overlapping (double) semester time-table so it's going to be really hectic.

Never mind, till tomorrow comes then.

I hope the wound heals on its own.

P.S. Let's hope I can the opportunity to write a Part 2 to this story.

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Yen Ling said...

Give it a rest. I am sure you can gain Willy's trust again. Take care of those punctured wounds. Catching street cats needs time and a lot of patience and good food :)