Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Zurik Incursion begins...

This morning, Mr Zurik came INTO our porch after breakfast.

He was not around for breakfast but came soon after everyone had eaten.

And I noticed one thing. He is almost a replica of Vincent Starr in his physique as he has long legs and stands tall. He also has Vincent's confidence.

The guy just walked straight in with Mr G under the car, Rosie and Daffodil beside the car and Vincent Starr on his pillar sentry post.

Vincent just watched and did not chase the intruder out.

Nobody chased him.

I wonder if he had already signed some sort of clandestine treaty with Vincent as in, "Hey, we're the same kind, so why don't you let me in for breakfast and I'll help you chase that puny orange cat away?"

NO!! No one is going to chase little Willy away. We won't allow that.

So, no, Mr Zurik! We do NOT have a deal.

How about this instead - You let us catch you, we take you to the clinic for a "simple procedure" and thereafter we shall feed you at the playground every day?

mini-CIMG6203 I look dumb?

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Yen Ling said...

He is a beauty!!