Tuesday, May 29, 2012

"Bunny" and Pole

Here are photos of Bunny and Pole...

 Bunny (on the left) and Pole (on the right)


Bunny?? Bunny became so slim suddenly??

That's Bunny from Melaka. Not our Bunny, but Catherina Tay's Bunny, also a male cat!

Where is our Bunny then? Bunny, brother of Pole?

 Here is our Bunny....

 Ah...this is Pole's brother, Bunny.

 This is Pole's other brother, Cow.

 And Indy seems to be Bunny's new protege...undergoing tutelage in learning the Leopard Pose ("sleep like there's no tomorrow with one limb dangling"!).

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