Monday, May 14, 2012

Mr G and Ginrella - a duel

As I was writing today's blog posts, I heard a most horrible cat-fight noise right outside in Bunny's Place.

 Oh my goodness!

 It's a head-on head-butting duel between Mr G and Ginrella.

I grabbed the garbage enzyme spray but the spray wasn't strong enough to reach them.

 So I filled up the water-gun and shot at Ginrella.

The last time I tried to break up an impending fight between Cow and Bunny, I foolishly put my leg between them (what was I thinking??), and Cow sank his canines into my calf. The pain was 10 times worse than childbirth and blood spurted out non-stop for hours after that. I thought I was going to lose my leg. I told the vet later and he said, "Never EVER do that. Use water. Just splash water." Hence, the water gun. When cats are about to fight, they work themselves up into a frenzy and they are probably mentally deranged for awhile. And what more if it is Cow, right?  He's the "misunderstood" cat!

From the sounds of this impending fight, Ginrella was the crazy one and Mr G was just holding up his fort. Poor guy, he needs some help.

 Ginrella fled.
It's only water, no harm done.

It's already bad enough that Mr G often comes with scars and small fresh wounds - must be due to the cat-fights (we often hear the noise) that happens in his house. There many, many cats in his house.

 Quite a useful device, I must say.

 An eye witness to the whole incident.


 Indy remained inside the room.

 And you're scared?

Cow, as I always say, is a "misunderstood" cat. Sometimes, he is a great big bully (to cats and humans) and sometimes, he is a total pussy-cat, like now. You just can't figure him out.

We think Pole is the most street-wise cat, she seldom gets herself into any trouble as she is extremely cautious. Must be the years of living outside in our old house when Cow & Bunny chased her out of the house after their first year. While she was living outdoors, she successfully found two porches to lounge in, came back about 5 times a day for food and whenever it rained, and made friends with a big dog in one of the houses. You've got to hand it to Pole, she is very street-wise.

 I'm happy where I am, and I'm not bothered about what duel or what-not that is happening outside.

 Tabs, Inc. is always at the forefront of community service.
We live to serve and we are friendly. 

 Watching from the safety of the condo.
Pole has most generously given up her condo to Baggy.
Good girl, Pole.

 Mr G wins this round, thanks to the water-gun!


Connie said...

LOL! That water-gun completes the Stargate.

Chen said...

LOL! I thought the water gun looks very Ultraman.

Devi Narayanan said...

Exactly the same thing happened to me when I tried to interfered Ronnie who attacked Big Boy. I sacrificed my calf too and bled profusely the whole night, 12.30am till the next. 1st thing I did in the morning was rush to the nearest clinic for tetanus jab. Blood kept oozing for almost a week at every slightest move I make and its more than 7 years, yet I can never forget the incident, errr, accident. Huh! What a costly lesson. Now, I have my water spray ready every minute of the day. :-(