Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baggy's 5th day....and Baggy eats with Tabs!

I'll let the photos tell the story....

 I got up at 5am this morning, and Baggy went out to pee. I have not seen her poo, but judging from her agility, I think she must have poo-ed without my knowledge. I did see her in the common litter box.


 Exploring the garden; Uncle Bobby stands (or should I say, sits) guard.

 Helping me pack tshirts for our Wesak sales.

 Mr Teh came over to see Baggy.

 "Sort of" playing with Tabs, but not directly. Not yet.

Bernice and Donovan came over as well, to help me with the stock. They played with Baggy and all the cats.

And just now...a milestone was achieved!

Look below...

 Baggy eats with Tabs! She actually came to the pantry all by herself and waited for food. This is the first time she is eating at the pantry.

 Cow watches....Baggy is still wary of him. Who wouldn't be? So are we.

 Yay!! This is indeed a milestone!

 Baggy helping me write this post!

 She's very confident now, and completely at home.

 Nap time!

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Karmen said...

Awww.. so lovely.. Tabs is a champ!!