Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baggy takes over Pole's condo, and eats like a .......!!

 Baggy's appetite has been exceptionally good.


 Today, I managed to witness a golden moment where I saw for myself...Baggy poo-ing!

 Covering up the evidence.

 Baggy has also taken over Pole's condo.

 Pole's been sitting on the shelves in the garden since she has no more condo now....


 This is during a game with Tabs. If Baggy gets into her Holey Box, she's safe. No one can touch her.

 Yes, those are the rules!

 Poor Pole...she's "condo-less" now.



 But not to worry as Pole can rest in Apartment 2B, next to Bunny's 2A.
Cleo gets the top floor.

 Safer with Uncle Bobby?

Tabs joins in.


swc said...

Aw, so good to see that Baggy has made herself right at home! <3

Chen said...

Last picture: Which is the cutest cat contest - on the left is Tabs and on the right is Baggy. In the middle is the neutral referee, Bobby the dog.