Thursday, May 3, 2012

Baggy at mid-morning

Some milestones this morning...

 Baggy venturing out to the pantry on her own.

 Drinking water!

 Poor Tabs wants so much to play, but Baggy keeps hissing at her.

 I brought the little box out, hoping Baggy would use it. She still has not pee-ed.

 She preferred to scratch on her fish pad.

 I put the litter box at the back and turned to cage around, hoping she might find enough privacy here to use it.

 The two tabbies want to be friends.

 Tabs was afraid when Baggy hissed at her.

 Good girl, Tabs.

 It looks like this is Baggy's permanent home now (I mean, the Holey Box).

 Tabs watches and waits...

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