Saturday, May 12, 2012

"Yoshee", lost dog in SS17, Subang Jaya (Pn Rahah's) - is it your dog?

Pn Rahah, a bank officer at Al-Rahji Bank in SS17 noticed this dog (picture below) since yesterday morning. The dog is very hungry, has a collar, and Pn Rahah and her friends have been feeding him catfood.

He/She is also very friendly. Looks like a lost pet.

The dog has a tag, and Pn Rahah thinks its name is "Yoshee".

But Pn Rahah cannot touch the dog, so she can only feed him. She and her friends have bought dogfood now and they are feeding him with it. For tomorrow, Pn Rahah has left instructions for the bank guard to feed him.

The dog is wearing a tag, but apart from its name "Yoshee", there is no other identification or address.

Is there anyone who can help take in the dog? If you can, we will sponsor the initial medical check-up at Healing Rooms, which is within walking distance from the bank (please contact me at for this arrangement) but we cannot take over the dog as we do not have any shelter. We can only provide full sponsorship for a medical check-up and do the necessary, as advised by the vet.

If you can help take in the dog, please contact Pn Rahah directly on 012-2207990.

Please forward this link to your friends in SS17 Subang Jaya. Let's help Yoshee get home.

Thank you.

UPDATES at 9.25pm - I have contacted a shelter manager for advice, and he is of the opinion that it is best to take in the dog and not leave him at the bank in the light of the bull terrier incident. This unfortunate incident might result in a doghunt by the local council (since it is also in Subang Jaya) and this poor innocent dog might be picked up. I have spoken to Pn Rahah and sought her consent on our plan. She is very concerned for Yoshee and has reminded the guard to feed the dog this morning. She even said Yoshee is extremely friendly and is a loving dog, and she feels very sorry for him, being left alone, away from home.

The plan: We will pick up Yoshee (if we can find him afterwards), and send him to Healing Rooms for a medical check-up. Bernice and Donovan will foster Yoshee for 2 weeks while we attempt to locate the owner or find an adopter. If we fail to find the owner or a new home for Yoshee, we would have to surrender him to PAWS, but only after one vaccination, if his health condition permits it, as we would want him to have some protection before going into the shelter.

If you can offer a better plan, please contact me at In the light of the bull terrier incident in Subang Jaya, we feel it may not be safe to leave Yoshee where he is now.

Please help if you have a better idea. Thank you.


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Jasmine Ong said...

I'm so touched that Pn Rahah is so kind to Yoshee despite not being able to touch dogs. It is heart-warming to read this. May God bless her kind soul! I hope Yoshee owners claim her soon, she looks friendly and domesticated.