Saturday, May 12, 2012

Yoshee, rescued and home with me now - is it your dog? (found in SS17, Subang Jaya)

I was really worried about the local council doing a doghunt in the light of the bull terrier case, so as soon as Bernice and Don confirmed they could foster, and PAWS agreed to take should we fail to find the owner or adopter, we had a plan laid out, I drove over to pick up Yoshee.

Pn Rahah had already called En Sabri, the guard, to inform him.

When I arrived at the bank, I saw Yoshee lying down in front of the main door. En Sabri had just arrived and he had just  taken out the box of Pedigree dogfood that Pn Rahah had bought.

I told En Sabri that I would be taking Yoshee, and he already knew. He said Yoshee appeared on Thursday morning, out of the blue, and Yoshee just hung around in front of the bank.

 I had bought a can of Go! dogfood and I tested with one spoonful first, to lure Yoshee to me. She (the vet later identified her to be female) was afraid initially, but the food did the trick.

 Then I added another spoonful.

 She was very hungry! While she was eating, I put on the leash.

 Absolutely friendly, definitely a former pet (has collar and all), but still a bit scared.

She was so hungry, she ate up the whole can of Go!

After eating, she did not want to move when I coaxed her, so I had to carry her to my car. No rushing, of course, I gave her time. Luckily she is not too heavy.

Finally, I carried her across the road to my car, but she was reluctant to get in, so I let her walk a bit.

 I was hoping she might lead me to her home, but she only sniffed around.

 So I carried her into my car.

She was a bit scared, but sat quietly as we drove to the vet's.

At the vet's, I had to carry her down again as she refused to move.

 Checking for microchip - none.

Yoshee is 11.75kg.

 From her teeth, she is estimated to be between 6 months and 1 year only.

 The temperature is normal. No visible ticks, seems very clean.

 There is a laceration between her toes in one paw, some minor bruises on her underside and another bruise on her leg. The bruises look dry already. Nothing serious.

The vet advised that she be monitored for at least a week before we get her vaccinated. We got her dewormed.

She is female, and there is no visible spay scar. For puppies this young, the spay scar can disappear within 2 months because the rate of healing is very high. See why ear-notching is so important?

The vet says we will not really know her temperament until a few days' time. For now, she is wagging her tail which indicates she could be friendly and confident. But she is also actually not timid (could even be a bit naughty) as her eyes  were following the vet, looking at everything that she was doing.

 As we were preparing to go and I was settling the bill, the vet assistant asked me if we had any puppies for adoption as her husband was looking for a puppy to accompany another puppy his mother had just adopted. I said we do, but Yoshee is also a puppy, so why not take a look at her, in person? She's right here, I said.

The vet assistant took one look at her, fell in love with her, called her husband, and they agreed to take Yoshee next Saturday, if we fail to find the owner.

The mother-in-law lives in the outskirts in Kuang, in a estate and she loves dogs. It would be a very safe place. No traffic, no local councils, no complainants. It is an Indian village, and everyone loves dogs there.

Yes, sometimes the stars shine on us.

Not always, just sometimes.

Thank you so much, Sree.

There were other people at the clinic, and Yoshee wagged her tail at all of them.

I carried her into my car and we drove home.

 She was very comfortable in my backseat, and I'm in no rush today, so I let her take her own time in coming out.

She appeared to be a bit scared, yet she wanted to follow me, so I carried her down from the car.


 Sniffing the flowers.


 Maybe she knows she is safe now, so there is a sudden surge of confidence and she appears to be very relaxed within minutes of being in my garden.


  She has a tag with a name, but we'll just call her Yoshee for now, in gratitude to Pn Rahah.

 She seems to be right at home now.

She drank water, but appeared to be hungry again. I gave her the dryfood that Pn Rahah had bought, but she did not eat it. I tried some of my homecooked food, and she ate it all up. I would have to monitor her faeces and urination to see if the diet is right.

 After spending sometime outside in the garden, I had to come into the house.

Would you believe how polite Yoshee is?

She stayed at the door.

 May I come in?

 I opened the side door so that she could enter the dining room, instead of coming through the front door.

 We want to know what's going on out there!!

 Hi, I'll just come right in, if you don't mind.

 I've left the leash on, just in case, as I can't be sure of her temperament yet.

 I hope we can find her owner, failing which, at least we are assured Sree's mother-in-law will take her.


 Me, especially!!

 Yes, we too!

If it is only for a week, I'll foster Yoshee until next Saturday, unless any unforeseen circumstances crop up. Bern and Don will be coming over to visit this afternoon. They are on standby to foster as well.

If Yoshee is your dog, please contact me at If no one claims her, she will be adopted out on Saturday (19th May), one week from now.

All's well for now.

One day at a time, that's all we have.

Photo updates at 1.10pm - the poo looks good!

 Yoshee went to the furthest corner of the garden to poo, and the poo looks good!

That's a relief!






 She follows my every move.

I think, judging from her behaviour so far, she will make a very good bodyguard. As I walk to the garden, she follows me, and urges me to come back to the patio. And she stays right by my side all the time.

I've already placed an ad on PetFinder's Lost and Found:


Connie said...

Could she be pregnant? That is how my dog Lady, found me. She was with a collar, feeling lost, polite like Yoshee, nobody posted picture of her anywhere, nobody come looking for her and about a month later given birth to 6 puppies. Plus the 3 existing dogs, this is where we ended up with 10 very naughty full of character yet adorable fur kids. :)

Maneki Neko said...

Such a sweet face!

chankahyein said...

Vet did not detect any signs just now, but could be....

Connie said...

That was what the vets ( 2 different clinic) told me when i asked them to check on Lady whether is pregnant back then.. Her tummy size doesn't proportional ( a little bit) with her body size. The vet thought she is just obese at that time..ha ha

Chen said...

Stories like this (and there are many here) is what keeps me addicted to following this blog. It gives me the little daily affirmations that kindness and compassion do exist and it cuts beyond religious ideologies and prejudices. It's about people doing what they think is right and yet respecting the limits of what people can do. Thanks Kah Yein!

Jasmine Ong said...

You are a heaven-sent animal angel, no wonder Yoshee followed you around like a shadow :) Yoshee has a very sweet temperament and she's also a lucky lucky girl indeed to come into your absolute tender loving care. A happy home awaits her :) Buddha bless you always, Dr Chan!