Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yoshee is Tabs-friendly!

Everyone is surely going to miss Yoshee tomorrow. But I really have no reason to keep her any longer and the sooner she bonds with her new family, the better it is for her.

I don't want her to bond with us and then, have to adjust all over again with her new forever-family, but looks like it may be a little too late for that...

 Jia-Wen really likes her a lot.

We've always fostered kittens in recent years and the last time we fostered a dog family was Selphie's with her 9 puppies and later, it was Angie and Jolie, way back in 2006. The neighbours complained as Angie and Jolie were whining quite a bit, so we couldn't foster dogs or puppies anymore.


 Dogs are just so eager to please.


 Tabs was so keen to play with Yoshee, so we let her out.





 Touching noses!



 On safe ground, but don't eat my Ferero Rocher, please.

 Come down and play, Tabs!


Maneki Neko said...

Love these photos, and it's great to know that Yoshee is cat-friendly, too. :-)

claire said...

this is soo lovely to see! I wish my kitties act the same way with my dogs *sigh*

Donovan said...

Sad to see her go but glad she found her forever home.

Alicia said...

Hahaha...does Tabs like chin rubs?
She looks as big as Tiger. I can only tell them apart by their faces or if they're in the same photo.

Jasmine Ong said...

These pictures speak a thousand words :):)