Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baggy has visitors

This afternoon, Mr Teh and his family came by to visit Baggy.

 Mr Teh says Baggy has put on weight.

 Lili and Felix

Yesterday, Andy Lew wrote me an email from Europe and he said Baggy can stay with me.

So it looks like Baggy is one of the gang now!

 Baggy had been rather quiet for the last two days, but this morning, she perked up again and jumped up the pantry for breakfast with the gang.


 This is one of Tab's games with Baggy.


  Compared with Tabs, Baggy is more lady-like.

Tabs is.....well, Tabs!


Zally said...

Yeayyyy!!! syukur Baggy can stay with u...may god bless u Dr.Chan..

Rayna said...

That's good to know that you have a new family member now :D

Alicia said...

Thats good news.
Looks like your plans of adopting a rabbit will be put on hold. :)

loh lay peng said...

Baggy comes back to u.Happy Kitties