Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Good morning, Yoshee!

I got up at 5am this morning. I had made a new batch of home-cooked food last night, and it was too hot to be blended, but I decided not to do it this morning as Yoshee might smell the food.

Last night, I gave Yoshee supper at 11pm and that would be the last meal for now since she has to be fasted for 8 hours for today's spaying. I removed her water at 12 midnight.

So, this morning, I quietly fed my brood first, trying my best not to attract Yoshee's attention. I could already hear the tinkling sounds of the bell on her collar.

 The happy-as-a-lark doggie wanted to play.

 She knows how to play fetch.


 Mr G watches close by.



 Ahh...this is the life, isn't it?

 Nothing like a good rub on the grass.


 Back to the toy.

 This is Yoshee's new "bed". She had already dug this little nest yesterday morning.

 She knows every part of the house now.



 If you look closely, she has very special and unique eyes - it is as though she is wearing eye liner?

 Tabs wants to play with the doggie.


 Indy is interested in making an acquaintance too.

 So, we tried.




 But Yoshee got too close and cats being cats, will always protect themselves. Indy scratched.

And scampered upstairs, tail all fluffed up.


 Indy is still not afraid, he wanted to come down to play again.

I'm now waiting for Sree to call when she reaches the clinic. She has scheduled an early morning spaying for Yoshee. Fasting any animal prior to his/her neutering always breaks my heart because we cannot tell the animal why we cannot feed him/her. Yet, the fasting is very important to prevent regurgitation of undigested food when the animal is still unconscious.

Please keep Yoshee in your prayers this morning and wish her a successful and safe surgery.

Thank you.

Sree will take Yoshee home to her mother-in-law this evening so that she can look after Yoshee after surgery as she stays at home all the time.

And this will be a new chapter in Yoshee's life. I hope whatever nurturing we have done in the past 3 days have made a small difference to Yoshee's life, even if it is just to give her back her confidence and trust in people.

Please help me in wishing Yoshee a wonderful life in her new home.


Connie said...

My thoughts & prayers for Yoshee that everything goes well for her surgery today.
And, Yoshee, have a wonderful life in your new forever home.

Leona said...

A bit sad that we probably won't get to read about Yoshee once she goes to her new family, but at the same time I'm glad she found a new home.

You've done a lot of good for Yoshee, and I'm sure she appreciates the lovely time she's spent with your family. Give yourself a pat on the back, Kah Yein! :)