Sunday, May 20, 2012

Zenning up Bunny's Place

I love Zen spaces.

It has lots of breathing space.

And it only has "enough" and nothing more.

Barest minimum.

I am a confirmed minimalist at heart and in practice.

So, this morning, I had some time-off and I decided to Zen up Bunny's Place a bit.

Paid a visit to the local departmental store and got two storage boxes to address a spraying problem and create more space in Bunny's Place.

This poor tree-trunk bench's leg has been the target of Cow and Bunny's spraying a few times a day. Dr S said there was nothing I could do except to place an object to prevent the sprays from reaching the leg. Now, this box is the perfect size, and I am using it to store cat litter, thus I eliminate the space needed for the paper bag of litter in the room, which is also quite unsightly and is a target of spraying as well. The poor paper bag of the OKO Plus has almost disintegrated after multiple sprayings and needless to say, it smells as well. I chose this box because of it has the least number of grooves on it, so that wiping is easy. And yes, Bunny officiated its use by spaying on it, but wiping it was a total breeze. And it is plastic, so the smell is completely eliminated, unlike on wood or paper where it stays.

Not that I like using plastic, but in this case, yes, plastic really helps.

This rattan trunk has been the cats' favourite scratching post way back from the days in the old house, but it is also the target for spraying and we've been wondering why the washing machine area smells. It was this rattan trunk! They scratch on it and spray on it too. And since it is rattan, it has all these holes where the urine can go through and stays on the stuff inside it. All the garbage bags I had placed inside had urine on them. So I moved this rattan trunk to the far end near the Stargate so that I can wash it easily now. I've left the door open so that the cats can play in it as well.

In place of the rattan trunk, I bought this blue plastic storage box. Again, plastic so that all urine sprays can be wiped easily, leaving no trace of smell. My garbage enzyme canister can be kept inside it and all the other stuff from the rattan trunk, so there is more space in Bunny's Pantry now. A fish scratching post is tied to it to compensate for the rattan trunk being moved away.


Less is more.


Bernice said...

Yup..That's the way i like it as well....Less is definitely more, and slowly converting Don to the same thinking as well. :)

Devi Narayanan said...

Maybe you could try and carry him to the toilet few times when he is about to urinate. Practise may make it perfect.