Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Visiting Yoshee at the clinic

Since Yoshee will be at the clinic until Saturday, I thought I'd bring some food for her and visit her as well.

When I reached the clinic, Yoshee had already gone for a walk this morning. Sree has decided to put her entirely on kibble so it's best she is not given anymore home-cooked food. Yesterday, Yoshee finished off her kibble (the Canine Caviar I brought).

Yoshee was incredibly happy to see me, or for that matter, according to the vet, she is incredibly happy to see anyone!

A very playful and rather "naughty" dog too. So yes, training her becomes very important.

Yesterday, Connie James visited Yoshee and of course, our girl was incredibly happy as well.

You know how excited dogs can be, so this is the only photo I could take of her.

She is doing very well, after the spaying surgery and the vaccination. So, I would think all is well for Yoshee now.


Connie said...

I think Yoshee already understand basic obedience command i.e. sit, stay, come etc.
She is very polite & alert too.

Jasmine Ong said...

I am so happy reading this. She will adapt well in her new home with Sree's mum-in-law :) You have done a wonderful job for Yoshee. Thank you! :)