Monday, May 7, 2012

More photos of the Sunnies!!

From Rozita:
Some pics we manage to take today 
Theres 2 pictures with Rex grooming one of the kittens we r fostering.

Rex, Bear & Fox r such darlings. They just love taking care of the kittens.

As for Fox, she has an extra trait in her. She loves to groom each and every single cat and kittens in the house daily without fail. One lady cat who thinks shes the MAMA in da house 

A quick photo flashback of the Sunnies when they came to me on 25th May 2011:

They were found abandoned in a box by the roadside in KL. A student discovered them.

They came to me the very next day, after we failed to find fosterers.

As always, Bobby took it upon himself to look after every single kitten who came to our house.

Rex and Fox were alright.

But Honeybear had seizures every few hours. He was so tiny.

By the next day, Honeybear's seizures stopped and the rest, is history!

I called them the "Sunny Kittens" because that was during the Il Volo craze and their big hit on American Idol at that time was "O Sole Mio"!  That's the song the Sunnies were listening to during the first few weeks.

Indeed, their lives have been so, so sunny!

Thank you, Rozita, for giving them such a wonderful home!

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Sandra said...

Hi Rozita, you have three handsome n beautiful cats ! They are just adorable