Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yoshee's early morning breakfast

Yoshee was whining a little bit last night because she wanted to get into the house. She kept going to the Stargate and the kitchen window, trying to get in.

I would have let her in, but my husband says he prefers that she stays in the patio at night.

But after midnight, she was quiet and when I peeped out, she had gone to sleep. I thought I'd better sleep downstairs, just in case.

This morning, Cleo woke me up for breakfast at 5.00am.

Yoshee was still asleep. It had been a tiring day for her, with so much excitement. So, I fed my brood first.

Last night, Yoshee appeared to be very hungry, and she had found a way to "tell" me what she wants. VERY smart doggie, I must say, so she had another meal last night, but this time, it was the chicken & fish stew with rice. She polished everything.

This morning she had the stew with rice again. I had boiled wild rice with millet last night.

 This time, I gave her a full bowl, up to the brim.

 Out to the garden for a pee.

 That must be last night's poo - well-formed, but still a wee bit soft.

 She came back to polish off the last few grains of rice.

 Baggy wants to be friends.

We newbies ought to stick together?

 Of course, Yoshee wants more than anything else to come into Bunny's Place, but I don't think that is a good idea. Pole was quite freaked out yesterday, but not Tabs and Baggy. Both of them want to play with the new dog.

 Waiting in the kitchen for more food.

But no, Yoshee, you can't eat too much.

Here's a really nice photo of Yoshee taken by Donovan yesterday:

Yoshee was found infront of the Al-Rajhi Bank in SS17, Subang Jaya, on Thursday (10th May) morning.

If she is your dog, please contact me at


Nic said...

Maybe you can let Tabs and Baggy out to play with Yoshee for a while?

Nic said...

This way you can also correctly gauge Yoshee's temperament against cats.