Monday, May 7, 2012

Happy 6th Birthday, Cow, Bunny and Pole!!

On 7th May (Mother's Day) 2006, I found Cow, Bunny and Pole by the roadside at the playground behind my house.

The rest, as they say, is history!!

 Their original names were Cow, Yeti and Polar (all big names so that they would survive!)
Over time, Yeti became Bunny, and Polar became Pole.
Cow remained as COW.

 Even though they were only 2 days old, they were extremely feisty.

Before they even opened their eyes, they could scale the plastic storage box I put them in and climb all they way out! Pole was the most proficient vertical climber, even at that young age.


 That's Cow!

 Bunny Bun Buns - he was the smallest of the lot.

 Pole trying to escape! (eyes still closed)
Where's that lock? I know you just need to flip it open.
(Sounds familiar?)

 Baby Bunny.
(Looks familiar? Scroll to bottom!)


Cow, Bunny and Pole were my first rescues, and AnimalCare started 3 years later. The actual intention was that it would serve in the area of education only where we would encourage neutering and caregiving of street animals, but it ended up as a medical fund because I sought the blessings of my Chief Reverend (who has done decades of charitable work in Malaysia) and he said for Malaysians, it would be better if I provided some financial assistance to get them started.

And that's how AnimalCare started as a medical fund!

"Provide the funds along with the education" , Chief Reverend said, and he forewarned me to expect 20% abuse where people would take advantage. "Let them", he said. "At the end of the day, the animals are helped". These are words of wisdom I've held on to ever since.

So, Happy Birthday, Cow, Bunny and Pole!! You three planted the seeds of AnimalCare.

They were only two days old when I found them as Pole opened her eyes after 10 days with us. Pole was the first to open her eyes. So, does that make Pole the oldest?? Maybe so, and she certainly has not lost her inborn climbing skills!! And her escape skills!

Birthday photos, taken at 4am this morning, right after they got up:

 We figured Pole could very well be the oldest.

 Next should be Cow.

But Cow was the "taikor" even when they were babies. He would be the one walking out all the way from the kitchen to the living room to ask for food for the rest. For a little kitten, that was a LONG way to walk. We think maybe Cow missed his childhood as he took on too much responsibilities in looking after his siblings, so he's slightly cranky now!

 And this is the baby of the litter?

And a big one at that!!


loh lay peng said...

Happy Birthday Cow,Bunny n mrg Sis.

Sandra said...

Happy Birthday to the three cutie cats :)

Alicia said...

Happy birthday to the 3 siblings. Hope you have more birthdays to come.

Zally said...

Happy Birthday Sayangggg!!! May all of you live a long, long life full of happiness and good health..

azura said...

Happy birthday Pole, Cow and Bunny. Have greatest days and good health.God Bless. Luv ya:)

Chen said...

Many happy and healthy years for Pole, Cow and Bunny. I noticed that Bunny is STILL barring you from marking papers by sitting on them this morning. Very slick move :D

Joy E. Saga said...

Happy Birthday Pole, Cow and Bunny! Hope Mommy will celebrate with cakes and a big party! You deserve it :-)

Rayna said...

Happy Birthday Pole, Cow and Bunny!! Have a nice birthday with your mom and ask her to cook more for this special day XD

Connie said...

Happy birthday Cow, Bunny & Pole. Bunny really adorable in that picture :).

irene said...

happy birthday dearest Cow, Bunny and Pole!! may u guys always in good health and live long, happy lives :) reading bout u guys never fail to put smile on my face esp on the hard ya guys! xoxo

CW Lee said...

Happy happy birthday and lots of hugs & kisses for our beloved Pole, Cow n Bunny. Be always happy, healthy and just a little naughty yah!!