Friday, May 25, 2012

Baggy's evening adventure with the gang

After that one hearty breakfast, Baggy wasn't interested in food anymore throughout the day, so it was back to force-feeding small amounts. But then again, she has a very small appetite to begin with (just like Pole and Cleo - these two mother-daughter can survive with just one meal a day, if the taste is not right, unlike Tabs, where the taste is ALWAYS right! Her only contender is Bunny, or does she eat more than Bunny now? I think she does!)

 Really, nothing beats being with good old Uncle Bobby.

 I think she looks much better now. Hopefully she also feels much better.

 Meanwhile, outside, Tabs was up to something.

This has been her project for weeks - trying to either scratch a hole in the mosquito netting, or open the netting. She actually managed to slide open one of the panels one day. Luckily I saw it on time or there might have been an exodus of cats out from Bunny's Place and it would have been a field day with roamers like Indy, Pole and Cleo.

 If I may side-track a bit, this has been Cleo's project for many days now.

 Yups, that's my girl. But me? Been there, done that. Won't waste my time.

You see, Mr G had been scratching a hole right here (above) in the netting, and he had actually made a hole, which we reinforced with another netting (the grey-coloured one). Cleo thinks this may be an escape hole.

 She tries, but there is no way out.

                                             Look at what Mr G had done. We've repaired it since.

 I brought Baggy out to the garden to join in the activities, but she wasn't too interested., what is that?

 Yes, what is that??

 Oh, a dragonfly!

 Now, who is who here?

 Spot the difference!

 I'll get the dragonfly down. Don't worry, Mr Dragonfly, Tabs is here. Tabs will get you down.

 After the dragonfly adventure, the gang went out to the Clubhouse.

 Our regular guest for the evening had arrived, as always, without fail.

 Pole keeps a watchful eye.

 Indy is quite happy where he is!

 Later, everyone was out at the Clubhouse....

 ...keeping Baggy company!

Where is Tabs?

Well, she was elsewhere, looking for more adventure, as usual.

 Adventure over, now keeping Baggy company for the night.


Alicia said...

Lets see, Tabs is on the left and Tiger on the right?
Tabs has a bit of brownish fur.

Baggy seems to have perked up a bit.

chankahyein said...

Righto (on both counts)!

Bernice said...

Love that pic of everyone lounging together in the clubhouse...All is well :)

loh lay peng said...

Happy Kitties Family makes my day

Yen Ling said...

me heart the "spot the difference" picture of Tabs and Tiger. Tabs has the brown tone on her and Tiger, a grey tone. I love that picture! :)

Baggy is doing great with everyone. Good to know she is getting better.

Keep up the good work, Dr. Chan! :)

Chen said...

It is really funny how Tabs is always featured in the posts about the home front. Always in the thick of things - Tabs the superhero kitty :D

Baggy is looking better and better! Soon she'll be happy and contented looking again.

chankahyein said...

It's because she literally butts her nose into everything! The rest are asleep most of the time (been there, done that....yawn!).

Peggy Quah said...

Wah... makes my day seeing your happy family. Life's wonderful with them around!