Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Baggy begins her 3rd day with my cats

Last night, I let Baggy sleep in her Holey Box beside me as I slept on the bench in the room.

This morning, I found she had made herself a little sanctuary in the room, surrounded by two boxes. It was cute. Sorry my camera battery ran out on me, so no photo.

I thought I should take her out to the garden for a stretch...


 Tabs wants to be friends.

 Cleo is not antagonistic.


 A little game of hide-and-seek, to break the ice?

 The elders watch from a distance.


 I'm not affected this time. I'm cool.

 There was much hissing from Baggy; I think she is still very scared, so I put her back into the cage. She didn't want to eat at 6am this morning, though. But she's beginning to play with the feather. The light blue complements her eyes, doesn't it?


 Since no one has shown any hostility, I decided to keep the cage door open for easy access.


 Wanna play with me?

 I tried my luck at feeding her again (it's Natural Balance chicken).

 YES! Two helpings, too. I put some Bach flower rescue remedy in it. It's very good for calming cats on relocation.

 Tabs waits patiently for a new playmate.

I figured Baggy is the youngest now as she and Baloo came to me in August, I think. That makes her only about 8-9 months old. Tabs came in November and was already estimated to be about 7 months old. Hey, Tabs is about 1 year old now.

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