Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yoshee's evening walk and dinner

I'm amazed at how accurately the vet described Yoshee's character on the day I picked her up (as a timid and frightened little dog) and brought her to the clinic for a check-up.

The vet said she "can be a naughty dog" because her eyes followed the vet's every move.

To me at that time, I thought Yoshee was a very sad and timid dog and it would take at least a week to "rehabilitate" her.

Little did I know it only took minutes for her to regain her confidence the moment she set foot in my garden.

And well, yes and no, she is not "naughty" per se, but she is terribly intelligent and exceptionally adorable.

In short, she steals your heart.

This afternoon, I came home from work, parked my car outside and Yoshee was already at the gate waiting for me, wagging her tail. She has this knack of gesturing with her head to "ask" me to go where she wants me to. It's almost like she is trained or she is just a very communicative dog. She "tells" you exactly what she wants. Or rather, she is able to make me understand what she wants.

This evening, we went for a walk.

 Here we are, for our evening walk.

 Today, Yoshee is really playful. She chased some flies and all kinds of flying insects. She even got hold of some coconut husk and wanted to play with it.

See that replica of Stonehenge? One day, a spaceship might just land here, and our Stargate might be "activated" and feline astronauts would descend on earth (not reptilians, but felines)....maybe it will happen on 21st Dec this year? I've asked the older residents about this structure and nobody knows who built it or why, or even when. It was "just there".


 Yoshee wanted to play ball with these boys.

 She'll just have to play with the coconut husk for now.

 Back home, she has her toy. She loves it! Of course, tomorrow, the toy will go with her to her new home.

 Dinner with us tonight. It's home-cooked food with rice.

In fact, after work today, I went to buy California Natural canned food for her thinking she'll be staying until Saturday. The petstore had no more stock of Go!.

 A second helping.

 Polished clean.

 Happy after a full meal.

And Bobby still has to be handfed. It isn't very difficult looking after a blind dog, especially if you have some cats helping you out! Bobby needs to be handfed - he usually eats off my hand, but sometimes I can get him to lick from the bowl. He sometimes pees and poos all over the house so that needs cleaning up. Sometimes, when I come home from work, the whole room is full of stepped-on poo everywhere and the cats will be complaining till no end, standing on their tippy toes on the table and any elevated space. Apart from that, Bobby is quite alright.

Actually it is Indy who needs more looking after. Indy has not been well off and on. The only indication that he is well is when he starts "calling" me. That's when he is well. I think just as Bobby needs his golden years acupuncture every month, Indy needs his too.

Next post: We have another guest?


Connie said...

Happy that Yoshee found her forever home. Hope that Sree will give us an update here and then.

On the other case about the Stonehenge-Stargate-Feline astronauts thing, may I add "...and the ultraman (courtesy of Chen) with the water-gun came down to earth to save the Gorilla from his over populated kingdom" LOL. Sorry Dr Chan, I can't help it!

Jasmine Ong said...

You already have your hands full at home with all your cats and Bobby, yet you take such good care of Yoshee for the time being. I have never known anyone like you! Please take good care of yourself too.